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disgusting Like farming


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lol blazinzero backed this game




how many goons have I suckered into this :(

ive been a backer since like page 8 of the sa thread, nerd.


on topic: dont PRESS LIKE


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This has got to be the only thread James Goblin hasn't liked.. such a valiant individual

In his honor and memory I will "like" this.


*looking very serious and I click for him*

Maybe it not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story.

RIP Doc Gonzo "to anyone...speak your mind...defend your position...be prepared for an Argument and enjoy the process of the discussion...that's all part of any good Forum experience"

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Honestly I didn't like a lot of posts before this thread, but now that its here I really like a lot of the points being made about like farming, and just the general gamer culture this thread has inspired.


I feel like, that justified all of my likes so far in this post, and is in no way a reflection of me totally going with the subversive point of the OP.

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If we do not support the domestic like farming industry, like production will just move overseas to Chinese sweatshops.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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I have to admit, I was waiting for the arguments to start over whether likes could stave off hunger, were EK resources or could be used in campaigns.    And whether disgusting likes are better than pleasent likes

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Like is such a lukewarm term,  I mean I like vegetables, but not as much as steak.  I want a "Love This" button, or a "Couldn't Agree More" button, not a "Ok, sure,  you made sense, your thoughts are valid, and not dribble" button.

Luke I am your Uncle... Bob.  What, my sister Padmè never mentioned me?

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