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Teamspeak community?

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I was bored, and I'm not really using my vps atm, so I decided to setup a teamspeak server for anyone to use and enjoy (almost guaranteed to be a mistake).


Not a whole lot of rules, besides don't be a complete custardwad. I might be willing to offer some channels for guilds that might not have their own Voice comms.


Host: ts3.theoryfall.com

Region: NA / East Coast (if people actually use it, and it's a heavy west coast crowd, I might be willing to move it to central).

Password: none (for now).

Slots: 512


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i actually am a complete custardwad so


Might not want to go on there anyways. People still haven't figured out you're female yet.

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oh well it's true we all need to use the most leet cutting edge stuff I'll log in with my razer headset


how's that been working for you? I was considering getting some myself..


lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

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it's really true that the more expensive it is the better it is


plus the symbols look so sweet and i like how there's always a program running in the background to monitor proformance and transmit data back to microsoft

(づ ˘ ³˘)づ

Hug it Out

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