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If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!

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22 minutes ago, 08cc2fb0-16c0-11e6-ae10-2320d78e196a said:

Hello Crowfall community!

So I'm following the progress since a while now and i'm realy excited for what's coming! Can't wait for 5.8 and real campaign!!

I have been assigned an hexadecimal username tho and have been trying to join the support but maybe i was doing it wrong.

Anyway thanks ArtCraft for making the mmo of our dreams!


Send an email to support@crowfall.com and give them 3 names, in the order in which you want them. They will give you the first name on your list if it is available. You can only change your name once, so choose wisely.

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Hi, brand new here, but very excited to learn! I currently play GW2 and almost exclusively the WvW part, so this kind of seems like that on steroids... though hopefully fixing some of the problems wit

Let us know who you are and what you would like to know about Crowfall and folks here will help you out!

Hey everyone!   I'm usually not a big forums participator, but I think I am going to be more active here because I'm itching for the games release. Any clue as to when there will be a little more s


Wow so stoked to be here, I only just found out about Crowfall like half an hour ago and am just really amped to check out what it's all about.


I come from mmo gaming background such as the original mmo 1999 Everquest, more recently Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning (and ashamedly the game that should not be  named *coughwowcough*)and Crowfall is the closest I've seen any mmo come to their greatness so far.


Loved the Dwarf Slayer in AoR so I guess it'll be Stoneborn Myrmydon for me.


If anyone can direct me to any forum articles I should read please feel free to hook me up.


Cheers, Lowgrave.


*edit* Also how do I change my default avatar? I like to think of myself as a bit of an artist/cartoonist so I defiantly want to put my unique flare on the forums.

Edited by Lowgrave
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10 hours ago, Lowgrave said:

*edit* Also how do I change my default avatar? I like to think of myself as a bit of an artist/cartoonist so I defiantly want to put my unique flare on the forums.

Hey Lowgrave,

I used Gravatar for my pic; it's one of the options they list when you try to change it.  There are a few options on there, but it's always worked fine for me.  To change it, click your name in the top right, then profile.  Then click the photo icon to the left of your name where it says "content count".

As for forum threads, have a look at Crows of a Feather.  It's the section where community members post their own videos of what they've done in the game (among other things).  It's a great way to find out what the current pre-alpha environment looks like, and what our players are doing with it.

Also, make sure to have a look at the Crowfall YouTube page.  There's a massive collection of videos there going all the way back to three years ago when the game was first launched on Kickstarter.

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Hello All -

New to Crowfall but not to MMOs. 20+ years from Everquest to ESO, and now Crowfall.

One of my favorites was Shadowbane. I played with a large group of friends from NDA Beta through release and our first server conquest.  Much harder to spend the time gaming these days but this game seems to offer a good balance of challenge, reward for long play sessions, and fun in short play sessions.

Looking forward to more fun like I’ve already had even with the bugs present.


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Hey peeps, Name is Mojo, 41 year old Aquarius from New  England. I recently researched MMORPGs and of all of them fell in love with Crowfall more then any other. I like the direction.

Purchased it last night and have not played it yet.  I am looking forward to helping with he Alpha and having some fun. 

In the past I have played (or currently play) Starseige tribes, Shadowbane, Baulders gates, NWN, Elder scrolls Online, D&D online, Overwatch, Skyrim and anything to do with fallout. 

See you all in the game. 

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Hello fellow players~
24 years old M, I am going by the name 'Ponshi' on most games, not new to the MMORPG genre, I have played MMORPGS for as long as I can remember. I mostly enjoy good, complex, RPG with lots of customization(not appearance) and good sense of progression.

Been following this game for a while, wanted to get it so badly, then... I saw the sale ^^

If you see me in-game feel free to approach me, pretty friendly here lol

Let us meet in the game then!



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BurntHotdog/BurntSchnitzel here...

I'm new to the Crowfall community but judging that the game hasn't fully release yet I'm not too late.

Former long time player of titles like Planetside (still do but game is slowly dying | shoutout to my friends from JSOC), TERA (game dying slow | Quit when my top 15 guild disbanded over the name of all things ("Los Espadas"), W101 (when I was younger | Former PvP warlord when I was younger) and current devoted player for Shinobi Striker awaiting this title for a few of my fellow clan members (if ur on ps4 or PC, hmu and we can play) to hop on to.

Competitive and really devoted player of most games I pick up.

Anyway, this is Hotdog/Schnitzel and I hope to see you all on the battlefield...

Oh also, chaos ftw :D see you later.

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Hey whats up everyone, I am new to the game (downloading now) and new to the forum as well. I am not very familiar with this style of MMO and hope to learn alot about the game during testing. Feel free to hit me up in game. Look forward to meeting you all. Thanks


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Just grabbed the patron starter pack and looking forward to development/future release of the game.  PvP focus drew me into the game though I'm hoping the crafting/economy will become robust enough to make it a rich experience/aspect of the game.  Been playing similar games that have a central PvP aspect for years, from Anarchy Online and Planetside to GW2 as well as competitive focus FPS including CS1.6-GO, OW, PUBG, etc.  Ideally looking to find a guild to explore everything CF has to offer and grow the community!

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Hello all. Also new to the game and keenly interested in looking at it and providing useful feedback and testing once I get the hang of it. I've been an mmo player dating all the way back to Lineage and UO via dial up. I've also been a guild leader off and on for over a decade, our peak probably being with Guild Wars and LOTRO. I'm much older now and I don't see me doing heavy PvP (or at least I don't see it having a very good outcome for me!) so my plan is to focus on exploration and crafting and hopefully contribute to a thriving economy. I'm also hoping to eventually entice some of our existing guild members to join me here and perhaps recruit new members. For now though I plan to immerse myself in the mechanics and lore of the game and hopefully make some progress in "the wilds".

Side note: We are "Last Vigil" and I am usually Valandor but that name was already taken. I've created Nithraya specifically for this game as I also plan to create her story.


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Hi @Etschbeijer welcome to Crowfall! I hope you're enjoying testing the game so far.

If you're looking for people to play with, check out the Guild forums here: https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/

Regarding your other question. A form of Animal husbandry hasn't been implemented yet. The game is Pre-Alpha and not all core elements have been added at this stage. Good luck testing out the game and check out the regular updates!

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