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If you are new to Crowfall, introduce yourself here!

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3 minutes ago, Obivalion said:

Hello !

I'm regisitered yesterday and i'm realy exited to play Crowfall.

Can i play rigth away after buying the Patron Backer Pack ?

just a clientdownload away... most likely 24/7 availability. atm no campaign running...

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Sup all! Just started almost a week ago. I have played an assassin to level 13 and a duelist to level 10, as I'm a stealther at heart.  Looking forward to what I've seen so far. Love pvp and crafting, as I'm a crafter irl. I've played tons of mmo's from UO to GW2 and now CF, also Minecraft with my kids lol. One question I have though, is there any certain issue or report I should be looking for while I learn how to play this? Just want to help out in any way I can to make this world better.......Good Luck all and be safe!!! 

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