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Hi All


Looking forward to meeting folks once the game gets up and running.


I'm a long time WoW player.


I was "Aegnor" back on Feathermoon, TwoBears on Lightning Hoof, currently playing Narsille and TwoBears on Ravenholt.  Belonged to a kick ass guild back on Lightning Hoof and who actually managed to complete the damn Scepter of the Shifting Sands quest back in vanilla, but the Alliance beat me by a couple weeks.  (No scarab for the poor druid)


Currently planning to play a dedicated crafter once the game starts up, so I expect that I'll be looking for another good guild to keep me alive and feed me raw materials.



"The cinnabar is a lie"

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Welcome to Crowfall, Narsille! I'm sure you'll find yourself quite welcome as a dedicated crafter, as a dedicated moocher I'll probably end up needing crafters more than I'd like to admit. Like the others have said, might want to check up on the FAQ page about crafting, it's all we've got to go on right now.

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