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Looking for Guild / RP friendly or full out RP community...

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Long time MMO player with roots in Ultima Online - Catskills Server.


I've played a lot of MMOs and normally play a caster / support role as my main.

I also can get addicted to crafting needing to make all the things!


I was going to put off looking for a guild until the game dropped, but I think it's time to start as I find myself on the forums more and more lately and getting ever moreso hooked on the idea of Crowfall (I recently upped my backer level).


As the title says I am looking for something RP friendly, or fully emersed in RP.

I miss the days when large amount of people actually RPed in RPGs and helped build the story of the world.  I think part of this is due to so many quest rollar coaster games that have your path set in stone.  I have hope for open world games such as Crowfall.


RP wise I tend to like the bad guys.  Every hero needs a villain after all.



I have looked through the guild forums and see mainly very large guilds that span over many games.  I tend to shy away from those as my past experience with those sort of guilds is you are just an end to a means and if you aren't in a core clique you never really even get decent conversation with your guild mates.  I'm not interested in that, I like guilds for their social aspect.


I am in NA - Eastern Standard time, will be playing mainly in the evenings on weekdays after 8pm and anytime on weekends.


I am in the following alpha/betas:

Alpha Group 3

Beta Group 2

Beta Group 6


any questions feel free to ask!

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Hello good friend.


The guild "Hellspires" is a mix of Europe and American players - The reason we do this is to allow people from all over the world to enter a roleplaying environment. After all, we have night owls in real life - lets have them in the game to!


So, the real question is what is Hellspires? Well Hellspires is led by the Fae Assassin Lady Tayeko - Queen of Hellspires.


Hellspires is a safe haven for those who wish to join the ranks of it. However, you also have to do your part. Be willing to fight for Hellspires, to gather the resources needed to make it grow.


As for events, we do have plenty!

Tournaments can be suggested by any player and the High council and myself will consider it - for now we have Contests of strength, Artistic contacts (poems, dancing, etc) and even hold Memorials for those who have passed on


However does this make Hellspires the good guys? The Heroes? No! - Hellspires has a quote that shows we are villains.

"Hellspires is a nation that rises, we will rise above all those who wish to come against us...But for us to rise, so many others must fall." (evil grin!)


Regardless - if your evil, good, or whatever - we plan to have an arena, so bring your "good soul" to the arena and challenge the darker souls of Hellspires! - Hellspires accepts all, but in the end...Only the strongest survive.


Hellspires is still in development but if you have any questions please ask me through this forum or by email if I am too slow to respond.


Hellspires - a heavy RP guild - ALWAYS a heavy RP guild!

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