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Range of Parcel types - What would you like to see?

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Exactly how customizable will the EKs be in terms of types of parcels?  More importantly what would you like to see?  Personally, I'd like it if they had things like variations on slums, secluded swamp hermit huts, fringe-of-society type settings.   


Er, what's "edging"?



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I am expecting that the things we will see to start with, is the kind of things that will be used in the campaigns.


This game looks like a larger scale version of marvel heroes so far with forts.  - nephiral marts 7 2015


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We know that there are stronghold parcels and resource parcels which, presumably, parallel the stronghold and resource POIs in the CWs. So that's pretty much a no-brainer.


Low priority but interesting/amusing fluff could be done as building-lot scale structures rather than dedicated parcels, so I'm not sure we need more parcel types necessarily. Gambling halls, various market types, and so forth could all be done as buildings placed in the buildable areas of a stronghold parcel.


An arena or stadium might be big enough to need its own parcel. Can't really think of anything else that would need that sort of scale.

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