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KDS in Crowfall [EU]

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Hello! is it me you looking for!

Hi there, Skyler here! they took my name! So from now its Joyce then ^^ 

Edited by Joyce
mis spell ^^

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Long time since I visited this part of the forums as I've been busier playing the actual game :)

Hey @Joice/Skyler - I'm really glad to see you about :). I've sent you an invite to the guild so please accept it.

@Celtir I'm happy you are enjoying the guild sir. I've enjoyed playing with you as well not to mention that I like the jewels that you make :D

It's time for a status report:

Ever since 5.6 has hit we've been really involved and playing every day with a group of 8-10 people. Main focus has been the logistics side in order to determine the best options on what and when to spend the guild resources in order to get a good progression. We've got some primary ideas and next wipe (probably Alpha) will be the time to put all that to the test.

Now that we got that covered we have decided to focus more on the business side and the PvP (especially with the hopefully incoming fixes to performance in 5.7).

For this push I would especially like to mention Sgt. Harzoo, Sgt. BaronPrius and Psc. Celtir as they have put the most amount of hours into this.

With that being said I look forward to whatever the hunger brings :)


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Im really looking forward to play with you all again, Maybe as soon as 5.8? Allrdy had some really good times in Crowfall with KDS... and its only pre alpha! ?

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YO PROM. KDS is in Crowfall? there wasn't a movement for it in 2016.. I guess its been that long since I have gamed.. just recovered my password.. Ill send you a message via kds forums.. I'm still only a PFC? wtf!

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