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Timeless - East Coast - [Age 18+]

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Guild Name: Timeless



Website: Timeless Gaming Community

Timezone: US Eastern Time (EST), Open to other timezones

Recruitment: We are looking for members looking to have a leadership role and those who are pvp and crafting orientated.(Sign up on website is required.)  

Voice and Website: Website and Teamspeak 3 are required. 

Guild Focus: To build a strong community of PvP, try out new ways of managing resources and players to dominate in Campaigns. 

Guild Leaders: Harathos (Thomas), Valron (Alec) and Madilla (Ashton) 



About Us: Together we were part of building a community on SWTOR that lasted for 3 years in a game environment that many now know, has taken ups and downs. Our focus is the good of our members first, because we want to create a place where gamers like ourselves can go to enjoy games with people who play like them. We have learned many things from our encounters in the SWTOR community and hope that with that knowledge we want to continue to build a great place for the Crowfall players.

            My experience as a leader has taken place in World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic and outside of the realm of gaming. I was the Guild Leader for our guild in SWTOR for the 3 years until I had to leave due to personal issues. I was a raid leader, pvp group leader and community organizer for fun events that did not have to do with the game in order to keep things interesting. In WoW I was a raid leader for 5 months and also an officer for a large maxed community of 500 players consisting of Alts and Mains. 



Guild Rank System: With little information known, my assumption will be that I will hold the GM rank while we will make a CoGM rank for our other founding members. After this we should begin on the forums to recruit members who we think could be good officers so that going into the game we have a good core already developed. Each Founder will be in charge of a number of officers and sub officers below them to help organize the group. These teams will each assign themselves a “House” name. Example: House Hagan (The Strong) for myself. Under these officers members will be given rank based on skill that we can measure in game. Each House has the goal of making sure it has enough crafters, warriors and supporting roles along with coordinators. Members are committed to their House when they select one to join, however members can assist other Houses in their campaigns if so they so wish. Moving from one House to another will be approved by the Founder under an approval of 1 officer of that House. The main idea of this is to provide players within the guild a group, much like a raid group to allow them to play with others who can match their play times and interests. When your house goes to war, it’s like a raid group in other MMO’s and you must attend and follow lead. 



Guild Description: The idea for this guild, in a game that is fundamentally based on power of guilds and player driven changes to the campaigns, would be to construct a working machine that is comprised of groups within it. This would be like an army on Game of Thrones, there are the elite, the warriors and the crafters who provide production. Each Founding Office holds their own House and these act as “raid groups” which is like it would be in traditional MMOs for PVE but instead these Houses will be given a task in a campaign and their army’s role is to achieve it. This ensures that members can join a house and play at times that work for them, have a role that they enjoy and have a smaller group in the whole to play with as well as the whole. We are from the East Coast and will play at times according to this, with the hopes that officers can accommodate other times. We want to compete, we want to strive and we want to be a force that is known in this new style of game. Political power is what we will have and our empire expanded through vast networks of the game. We are not looking for the elite but looking for those who want to be a team, and work together to become something elite by playing without that elitist mentality. 



Guild Pillars:

1.      Attitude: Our guilds attitude is moderate to hard-core players who want to achieve utmost excellence in the game of Crowfall. This from what we know this game is all about winning to obtain the 70% spoils of war. Therefore we want players who are committed to being the best they can be and winning to benefit the guild, its members and the community. In the game we want our members to be of utmost honor and respect to other players in the game and their guilds. There will be no tolerance for disrespect for other players or their guilds.


2.      Structure/Size: This game is about political and economic power. With the aspiration of power comes size and our structure. This guild will be seeking to max its size with the respective number of officers we have to maintain it. On average with our estimated officer structure, we want to have 1 founder, 5 officers, 5 sub-officers and 25-30 members under each House. If you do not believe in this structure, do not join, and if you do join you must commit to the website and voice chat.


3.      Respect Brings Reward: In this guild we expect members to respect each other and the higher ranked officers. Treat everyone fairly and with the same level of decency you would expect to be given to yourself. If you have a problem then bring it up with an officer from your House and there is a zero tolerance for drama or conflict within the guild. If you help your fellow members, give them advice, tips, craft them gear and support them it will be noticed and we will reward you accordingly.



4.      Organization and Time: This guild is going to operate on a system that we believe will benefit all members and has been refined through our experience in past MMOs. Due to people’s busy lives, we want to set a system of governance. Each founder, or appointed leadership will head their own team of about 40 members to ensure player time, skill and ability is met. Members are still encouraged to mingle with all other members in the guild and our Guild Eternal Kingdom will be a central hub for our empire. This system will hopefully ensure max growth. 



We thank you for checking out our recruitment post and if you wish to join please follow the link to our website where we ask you fill out a quick application. If you have any questions feel free to check out the website or ask in the post. 


Remember: Age 18+, Must use Teamspeak 3, Joining a guild that wants to evolve into a community. 

Edited by Harathos
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