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Few quick thoughts about currency

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1.  Within the context of the game, coins only really seem to make sense if they are easier to transport/store than the raw materials that comprise them.  (Here in the real world, its much better to carry arround a credit card rather than 100 tons of iron.  In Crowfall, who knows)


2.  I suspect that there will need to be some careful balancing between the material loss creating / destroying coins and the costs associated with transporting raw materials.  If this gets too far out of whack in either direction, one medium will dominate.


3.  I would LOVE to see a system in which it took significant time / expense to transport raw materials between various Eternal Kingdoms.  (I'd include coins in this list)  The old time banking systems started because individuals required mechanisms to estabish credit in locations where it was impractical to transport physical currency or large quantities of valuable goods. 


Imagine the gaming possibilities if guilds could operate as banks.  I could deposit funds with a guild in EK1 and then be able to draw credit from that same guild (or a partner of theirs) in EK2.  Guilds wishing to operate as banks would need to accumulate reserves on in multiple EK, which would work as a great resource sink.  Imagine the possibilities if someone tried to do fractional reserve banking and there was a bank run...  The possibilities are endless!


4.  I like the suggestion that individuals should be able to craft their own coins.  I'd actually go a step further and allow folks to create coins that contain various ratios of resources...  Narsille's coins break down into  1 part gold to 2 parts silver to 5 parts tin to 15 parts copper.




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You should read the relevant blog post and several dev posts in this thread to provide background for a more informed discussion of this feature.

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Why start a new thread on this topic?  The older threads are still on the front page of this forum.

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