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Nimsul's Doodles (Now With Crowfall Concept Sketches!)


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Hey Everyone,


I wasn't even aware that this subforum existed!


A little introduction I s'pose. 


I'm Nimsul and I am a bit of an enthusiastic sketcher/doodler person.  My art doesn't pay the bills, except for that one time I painted Warhammer minis in my free time and earned a few hundred bucks doing that for a few weeks.  but anywho, since it's not stable employment, I'm not going to throw the word 'Artist' around as that's just rightfully generic. 


I was a huge shadowbane player and modeled quite a bit of my fantasy art off of Shadowbane. 


I wanted to share some of that stuff with you guys as well as some of my other fantasy/shadowbane/crowfall related Artwork that I hope to be generating.


I think my biggest strength is art is map drawing freehand.  I rarely touch digital media unfortunately because My wacom frustrates me for not doing exactly what I tell it to.  


Here are a few maps that I've drawn that the Devs can most certainly lift reference from if desired.


Also, anybody know how to set up thumbnails so I'm not bombing this thread with full sized images? 






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Next up are a few sketches of various fantasy items.  I won't lie, I'd love to see these kind of weapons in the game.



I drew this sword back in 2007.  It's Nimsul's fabled Elven Longsword from a DND game I was/am in.


And this is a sketch of Nimsul I did a few months ago.  right now my big study and focus is on dynamic poses.  

I plan on, at some point, remaking this one in digital Media.  Nimsul is an Elven Bladedancer attuned primarily to the Element of Wind/Lightning and he throws tornadoes at people because Why the Hell not?   




If Elves are a playble Race in crowfall, you can expect to see Nimsul there in some Incarnation :)


Here are a pair of sword forged out of pure abyssal energy. 




And this next set of items is heavily lifted from Shadowbane.  The curve I use on a lot of my elven style blades is directly the result of the T'lanarion longswords that Bladeweavers used in Shadowbane.  This picture I drew back in 2004 I believe.  The Eclipse of the White Moon is still probably my favorite drawn weapon to date :P



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Thanks for the feedback :) 


Here are a few Mob Ideas.  The first one is quite grotesque.  a creature that assimilates and fashions the bodies of it's victims to itself.





And this one is in pixel art because I play with Pixel art from time to time.  This fellow is called Lamprey.  Because I freaking hate lampreys.


He houses a bunch of lampreys in his body.  The original idea behind him was a sailor who died out to sea and was kissed by a mermaid and was given eternal life, but as this abomination thingy.



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Thanks Fawne lol :)  I'm going to have to work on some new sketches of him.  I did that YEAAARS ago.


I can draw that axe for you, Kevinthegoose! Sure.


Now for some Crowfall art!


Here is some armor I designed for Crowfall.  Took me a few hours as I try and get the hang again of digital media 




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I appreciate the comments you guys :)


I have a few other dragon pics I'll upload when I get home.


My methodology behind chubbs was to be that of kind of a tadpole. Unassumingly vicious little bugger :P

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