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By official request: Questions for upcoming Combat Chat

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Blair & Tully will be shooting another "Combat Chat" video soon and have asked me to ask you what you want to know. Post your questions below.


(Note: Keep it productive and on-topic. OT posts/banter will be removed.) 

Valerie "Pann" Massey, Director of Community

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What is currently planned for the respawn/revive mechanics? Are you able to revive another player while still engaged in combat? Will a consumable be required? Will there be a time-out phase before respawn if no resurrection is given? Are players bound to certain locations when they respawn?...If not how far do you expect players to respawn from the area they died?

How do you expect the flow of combat to feel time-wise (Time-To-Kill) for both 1v1 and group vs group?

How are cooldowns handled? Is there a minimal Global Cooldown Timer, or are all skills set on an individual timer?

What is the current plan on DoTs? Will they be stackable at full effect, or will there be diminishing returns on stacks?

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How is crit percentage going to affect the overall damage output of your character. And to expand on that question, how much will my dmg output fluctuate depending on gear/stats. 


How long will the corpse remain lootable in or outside combat.


How much of the combat aspect of the game will be client side, and how will you deal with latency issues.

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How many abilities will a character have? A handful? A dozen?

How much will those abilities be influenced by profession choice? Will going from Knight to Crusader add a few abilities, or will it completely re-vamp all of them? What about Knight to Archer[sic], with its change from melee to ranged?

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Can you give us the top-level role concept for each archetype, e.g. one sticky note worth of info about where each character is intended to shine?


What is the current thinking on ranged attacks? Straight line to reticle, or ballistic? How far is long range, i.e. longer than Tera's 20-foot max bowshot distance?


Will melee attacks mostly be arc and cone effects or specific front targets? Will friendly melees operating in close formation be able to easily avoid friendly fire issues?


What is your thinking on formations or other structured mass combat? Do you have any plans for a higher-order combat system or will it just be a chaotic brawl of individual combatants?


How will IFF work? Overhead crests like SB?


Will there be in-combat applications for voxel creation or destruction abilities, e.g. magicking a hole under someone's feet? Or will terrain alteration be purely a strategic activity rather than a tactical one?


Can you tell us more about how support classes are expected to play in combat? Is the passive buff aura their one main trick?


Will there be stationary zone effects such as a snare field which other players could use physics attacks to force enemies into?


What are your thoughts on potions and other in-combat consumables? Rare and expensive, or commonplace and expected in general play?


Finite or infinite ammo?


Will there be a /stick function to allow melees to autoattach to a target, or will we have to manually steer to track our juking enemies?

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I'd like confirmation on Faes fly or no fly, what do we get to do with wings.


Also, are they planning any joint actions, like queuing multiple shield or arrow fire actions with grouped players for shield walls or volleys.


And if I could beg one more question, what progress have they made on a targeting solution for projectiles?

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Are you able to damage a person’s armor (shield) or weapons to the point you destroy them in a fight?

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  1. Will you do this chat on our show? 
  2. If no, can we do a follow up interview on our show?
  3. Do you plan on basing combat on pure random numbers, or do you plan on doing what a lot of games have done and attempt to mitigate randomly generated or unpredictable game play paterns?
  4. What kind of pacing or tempo have you designed for combat?
    1. Are skills locked via global cooldown? As in, can you constantly fire off abilities as soon as animations are complete or if you had a 1.5s GCD and a 1s animation sequence you still had to wait .5s to begin your next ability?
    2. Will you use a skill "queue" in order to combat ping or other combat sequencing problems?
  5. How quickly can you transition from one combat sequence to another. Can you chain skill chains together?
  6. Do abilities have inertia? Do you have that split second of movement after a skill animation prior to firing off a second ability in another angle? Are there additional animations going from action to rest to action between skill usage?
  7. Do ranged attacks have  "turning speed". As in do you have to wait for your character to physically turn (DOTA2) to fire off an attack or do you fire off instantly (LOL) in that directrion?
  8. Do abilities scale in power via flat numbers or percentages?
    1. If flat numbers, how do you plan on scaling skills with gear. Do you worry about mudflation? Do you not care because everything gets blown up anyway?
    2. If with flat percentages, do you worry about perception issues about power or ability gain for the end user? I.e. "I don't feel like I'm getting more powerful" problem when you gain 2% more power with a "level" (I will use the term level as the progression through skill training)
  9. What premise do you plan on using when you are working with resistances. Will you have a catch all number of damage reduction? Will you break it down to elements and physical?  Will the scaling of any defenses be linear or exponential/log based? I.e. how does effective health ratios work when designing skills and spells?
  10. How does dodge/evasion work in the client and server relationship. At what point during the animation progression does your system check "is the player here" when calculating hit or miss? Or are you planning on using a dynamic check system throughout the progression of the skill?
    1. Physics, collision and voxels create a lot of additional data that has to be transmitted from client to server. What are some ways you are planning on reducing the reliance of the client to server communication to reduce 1) Hacking 2) Worsening player feedback as ping times increase?
    2. What is your baseline ping you are using when designing the system?
  11. How much more complicated is it designing a system where mass and displacement are variables?
  12. What do stats mean. Power Damage (ability damage?), Weapon Damage (autoattack damage?) Are INT and STR present in all gear and equally useful for all classes? Do archetypes scale differently?
  13. Have you yet factored in things like effective health vs. resistances when it comes to combat with no "healer" role? I.e. Time to Kill? Combat duration etc.


I have plenty of more, but this is a good start, especially when you answer yes to either #1 or #2. In case anyone was wondering, these are what my notes look like for a dev interview. They're a mess.

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For the Ability Combination system, what will reset Onslaught back to the first move in the combination? Will using a different ability between Onslaught 1 and Onslaught 2 cause you to start over the Combination?


Varius - Veteran Member of LG

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1)  Do you have any plans to give advantage/disadvantage to combat based on weapon type?  For example, a Fury's spear long reach suffering damage/hit penalties if distance is less than 3 yards.  This plays into the "skill" factor of combat IMO.  


2)  Any plans on allowing attacks mid dodge (with a penalty)?  Casting spells or throwing weapons while dive rolling is just flat out cool :)


3)  Any plans on implementing "block" style mechanics for weapons other than shields?  Or will you stick with the traditional MMO idea that swords, spears, knives, etc provide no defensive protection what-so-ever?


4)  Unarmed combat for when your weapon breaks?  Bonus to punching with plate vs non-plate?  


5)  Hitboxes.  How do you plan on handling them?  If implemented, do you intend to use one hitbox for the entire model or 5- front, back, left, right, and all (for AOE type targeting)?  I ask because if it's a multi-region hitbox check, would that mean advantages/disadvantages to attacking/hitting from different angles?  Smashing someone with a mace from behind typically hurts "more" than from the other angles because of the surprise and inability of the body to "adjust" as quickly.  This also plays into the skill factor of combat where you keep your opponents in a line in front of you instead of letting them sneak behind, flank, etc.  


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Does the combat strike team play and enjoy Dark Souls?


Will different melee weapons types feel different when wielded (beyond just differing animations and skills)?


Will they have different reach and different damage modifiers for slashing, blunt, thrusting?


Will heavier weapons be slower to swing and will the physics engine allocate greater knockback for large weapon types?


Will each archetype have access to more than one weapon wield type, or only un-lockable through promotion classes?


Will the target reticle (assuming there is one) always be locked to the center of the camera perspective or will you will we have independent aiming? 


What kind of zoom range will the 3rd person camera have (because it effects combat), will we be able to pan way out (increasing awareness) and still be effective, or will it be necessary to be more over the shoulder to aim ranged attacks?  What happens when the player model obscures the target reticle?  ESO's answer to this was to place the player model off-center which I wasn't a fan of. 


Will projectiles, both magical and physical, have varying speeds and arcs, with some being very quick making them hard to dodge/block and usable at good distances but weaker, and others that are slow and hard hitting, easy to avoid at long distances but very potent at short distances?


How will you resolve line of sight issues where the camera (player view) has a clear line of sight to the target but the character does not, will players know when they do or don't have a clear line of sight before firing?  How closely will the hitboxes conform to the polygonal models for structures in the world, especially as they start to be demolished.  It's frustratinng when your would be headshot arrow strikes an invisible corner.


Will there be any stamina style system to control things like dodging, blocking, or sprinting/jumping that makes the use of such things strategic through a cost/benefit analysis?


While not "finding the fun" for CF, are there any current games you are enjoying the combat in?

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How many spells/abilities will players have?


I'm crossing my fingers and my toes every single day while hoping that this won't be another GW2/Wildstar-like game where you only have 6-10 abilities and everyone plays the exact same.



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Since the confessor will be in pre-alpha testing, could you give us some details on how the CF magic system will work?

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  • Pace:  How leisurely/frenetic a pace are you shooting for?

Kiting:  Are there plans for close-the-gap style dash skills?

Ranged attacks:  Crosshairs or cones?  (or, hopefully, a hybrid?)

In "Combat":  Will your abilities change based on an "in"/"out" of combat status?

Interrupts:  How often will abilities be interrupted vs. mitigated?

Ambushes:  What will be done to facilitate (rather than discourage) ambushes?

Stealth:  Will players be able to disengage/disappear?

Jumping:  Will jumping be important for anything besides terrain navigation?

Terrain:  Will terrain affect movement speed?  accuracy?  balance/defense?

1-Shots:  Will backstabs or other insta-kill moves be a thing?

Numbers:  How do you feel about floating damage numbers vs. purely visual health meters?


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ThomasB mentioned he beat Tully in a duel because Tully ate a fully charged shield bash over the course of a lengthy fight.  Will there be any forgiveness for actions like this where one can overcome a mistake?  Will combat be tuned this closely across all archetypes, or only across certain archetypes?


Can you elaborate a bit more on how the combo system will work? Will all three abilities be on one keybind?  Or will combos vary and keybinds required to fulfill them vary?


Will there be any passive dodging/missing?


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