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Steam summer sales are upon us


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I told myself I wouldn't buy anything until I finished all the games I bought last sale.



I tell myself these things, but I don't listen.


I tell myself I won't buy anything else from Steam until I've at least installed all the games I've already bought, but I don't even manage that much.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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Every Sx3 (Steam Summer Sale) I play the "10$ Game." Thats how many games I can buy for a total of 10$! Forged $2.24, Ticket to Ride $4.99 & Chivalry Deadliest Warrior $1.49 with still $1.28 left! 


Maybe I should have just went Gauntlet for $9.99 instead.......damn. 

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