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Three Sentence Fiction (Continue it)


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Three Sentence Fiction.  Feel free to continue it, adding only three sentences per post.


The families of Guinecea would have sneered at Tats for what he was about to do; the row of zealot confessors lined up and down the aisle already were--just another hungering mouth to feed, and there were already so many tucked away below, cold, in the cells of the crypt where they waited to be cleansed. The head prelate stood atop the pulpit at the front of the church, reading quietly from a book on the lectern and trying to look disinterested by sparing only a single fleeting glance at him down the length of her broken nose. Tats took the steps up onto the dais which earned him sharp stares from everyone in the room, but he continued unfazed, got down on both of his knees and said, "Please don't burn my family."

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The voice came from behind, clear as the crystal chandelier.  A bounce of light fluttered in through ruffled drapes as a woman, staunch and cloaked, stepped quickly along the wall from where she stood at the back of the hall.


The prelate's lips went rigid, a scowl tugging at the corners as she let the spittle fly, "Kianna, get back in line."

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