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Blackheart is a community that has spanned several MMOs. We have been gaming together for well over a decade. Our goal is to provide a mature, drama-free gaming environment for friends, old and new. Our focus will be on all aspects of the game, including PVP, RP, PVE, Crafting and all End Game content. Our membership is free to be involved in all aspects of the game or just one--it is the player's choice. Of course, we hope that our members are active in every aspect of the game, but it is by no means a requirement. We don't force members to RP if they don't want to, but PVP is a major part of this game. If you don’t intend on PVPing, then make sure to contribute in other ways (crafting, trading, RP events, etc.) We just want our members to enjoy the game as they see fit!


We pride ourselves on our laid back nature, our organizational skills and our knack for excelling in every facet of MMO games. Our members come from well-known guilds across all MMOs, with vast amounts of experience in the MMO realm and running an effective, fun and fair guild. We enjoy providing a guild where our members can excel in any area of their choosing. What better way to enjoy this highly anticipated game than with a bunch of cool folks!


In conclusion, if this is the kind of guild you are seeking as your home, we would love for you to apply. Check out our Recruitment section to get you started!



PLAYSTYLE FOCUS: PVP and RP, but we aim to excel in all facets of Crowfall

BLACKHEART WEBSITE: http://blackheart-crowfall.enjin.com/home

BLACKHEART LORE – “HEAR IT FROM ZANNATH”: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoqGo0D0-oMRfN-HwU-mGlcaR3huxrucK

DEITY: Malekai (Chaos)

LEADERSHIP: Duumvirate (Ebonith and Werda) with HEAVY input from officers

RP CONCEPT: Noble House with hired Mercenary Band (this allows for ALL concepts)

SOME FORMER GUILDS: Virakt of Icy Night (Shadowbane), Stormcrows (WOW), Eclipse Consortium (SWG), Vutraat (SWTOR)




-          Hardcore PVPers who despise dealing with immature asshats

-          RPers without a home in a PVP game

-          RP-PVPers (all)

-          Hardcore/Casual players who want to contribute to a guild with ZERO DRAMA



1. You must be at least 18 years old. This group is chock full of awesome, mature men and women that understand that this is a game and only a game. If you are younger than 18 years old, we may consider your application ONLY with a solid recommendation from an existing member.


2. You must get and be active in Discord. Often, you will need to be on in game to coordinate PVP, Raids, etc. Also, our Voice chat is how our members get to know each other. You will also need this for your interview before joining. Discord is a must for PVP.


3. You must be active. Don't disappear on us (members that are inactive for more than 21 days are removed from the guild, but you may reapply)!


4. You will not be a drama queen or a big meany. There is no reason at all that members should not be able to get along. You are a grown man or woman. Get over yourself and don’t be an asshat.


DRAMA POLICY: We do not have the time or patience to deal with drama. We are here to have fun. For over a decade, we have suppressed inter-guild drama with extreme prejudice. This game is a fun escape for us—we won’t let others ruin that.


5. You must have a decent RP name for your characters, even if you do not intend to RP. While "Ricosuave" and "Seymorebutts" are really tempting, they get old after the second time you see it. We respect the RP community.


6. You must have fun! We don't care if it is PVE, PVP, RP, Crafting or Raiding—but contribute to the guild in some way!



If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to peruse the website. Make sure to read the Code of Conduct so you understand how things work. We have just opened the doors for recruitment, so we would love to have you! 

Edited by Ebonith
Changes to Guild concept


 A Crowfall Guild Allied with Corvus Citadel

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