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Crowfall OST Collection


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From June 15, 2015:

So it's been 3 days since the daredevil in me decided to do this, but apparently, I hope I'm not busted or anything like that. (I did private message Tyrant of making sure that it's ok for me to do this.) From the recent 3 hrs video of Eric Hart modelling the Confessor (female), I extracted the main OST's used and made a separate video for each them on YouTube.


Full Playlist<--click here


Here are the links to each individual track:


Track 1 "Winter is Here"

Track 2 "Winter is Here" alternate

"Winter is Here" full version

Track 3

Track 4 Tension Theme

Track 5 Glory Theme

Tracks 4 & 5 Combined

Track 6 Battle Theme

Track 7

Bonus Track


2 of the videos are 2 tracks combined together to make the music flow better.


EDIT: Organized the list by track numbers and added 3 more. Officially can say that the new battle theme is my #1 favorite track, with "Winter is Here" coming in second, and Track 3 coming in third

Edited by miltenacious


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Thanks alot, this is great work :)

It might however be taken down due to copyright, but lets hope GW is cool about  it ;)


Thank you, I just only did this for the sake of convenience for anyone wishing to promote the game via media. Also, I am incredibly worried since neither J Todd or Gordon have got back to me for days on if it's alright for me to do this.


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Very cool! 


Here is the updated Non-Commercial Use Policy. (Budkin is still working his way through the long list of stuff he needs to do, so we haven't published this on the site yet.) Your work certainly seems to fall well within these parameters so no worries. If anyone tries to grief you by reporting copyright infringement on the YouTubes, you can direct them here and that should clear it up. 



ArtCraft Entertainment Non-Commercial Use Policy


ArtCraft Entertainment (“ACE”) encourages and welcomes our fan community to generate content for their non-commercial use on/in websites, videos, webcasts, etc., using assets (“The Property”) created by ACE.  ACE hereby grants to you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable license under the following terms and conditions:


1. Any and all trademarks and trade names used by ACE in connection with the non-commercial license granted hereunder are and remain the exclusive property of ACE. Do not alter (e.g., remove, obscure, stretch or deform) ACE’s trademarks in any way.


2. ACE reserves the right to limit the use of its Property at its sole discretion. Content using assets from ACE may not be in violation of our Terms of Service or Rules of ConductYou may not use The Property in any way that features defamatory pornographic, or inflammatory content, including, but not limited to, hacks and cheats for our products or any other content that ACE finds objectionable or unlawful.


3. When using Property belonging to ACE, your website and/or video must prominently display this disclaimer: "This material is used with the limited permission of ArtCraft Entertainment. No official affiliation or endorsement by ArtCraft Entertainment is stated or implied.”


4. ACE’s Property may not be used in relation to any third party products or third party intellectual property.


5. You are permitted monetize videos in conjunction with partner programs offered by YouTube, Twitch.tv or similar services provided that participation is done within the parameters of the terms listed herein.


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