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Star Wars The Old Republic vs. Star Trek Online


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I played both of these games at release and now I am itching to return to one of them... I just can't decide which one.


I liked The Old Republic storyline a lot, and the gameplay was decent, but I got a little bored with it playing almost exclusively solo and quit shortly after leveling my first character to 50.


I enjoyed Star Trek Online slightly less.  It wasn't awful, but I found the galaxy map navigation very clunky and ground combat was obviously an afterthought.  I didn't do a lot of space combat either, but it seemed to have potential.


Having not spent significant time in either of these games for a few years, which one would you recommend in 2015?  Which of the two has aged better?  I will also add that I can't stand the concept of "daily" missions.  I will do story content and PvP, but if either game requires grinding of dailies to have fun, that would be a huge red flag for me.

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Star Trek online is in its death throes. The post 50 leveling is abysmal, group missions are terrible and queues are filled with tumbleweeds if everything. The director behind it is running the game into the ground, which is a shame as before Delta Rising they had almost completely turned the game around from its shaky launch. STO seems to be focusing solely on milking as much money out of the whales that haven't given up with increasingly absurd costs that almost make it necessary to turn to the cash shop.


SWTOR has gotten a little better. Their XP event for subscribers at least makes it so you can level solely off story missions. I've always just found the core game lackluster. The art style really hasn't aged well, which makes me wish they had gone for a more stylized look like the Clone Wars cartoon.

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SWTOR is worth playing
Star Trek Online isn't.

SWTOR is made by competent developers who genuinely care about the game and the world
Star Trek Online was made by Cryptic, who have quite a few free-to-play MMOs they pushed out and forgot about

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SWTOR has a big update coming out. I haven't played the game at all but it has some friends excited.


When I played STO for the first time and found out I was playing as "the ship" and not captaining it from the bridge I logged out.

I'm in this for the Experience, not the XP.

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