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Missed out on SB, but not letting that happen with this!

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Hey everyone!


Saw the game, and as soon as I saw it was from the makers of Shadowbane, I knew my wallet was in trouble. I never had the chance to play SB back in the day, but my best friend still gets nostalgic over it every chance they get. Well, looks like now I actually get to see what all of the fuss was about!


So far I'm looking forward to finding a solid group of friends to campaign with, free for all fighting in The Dregs, and carving out out own little patch of dirt to call our own! In the meantime, I'll be settling for leveling up my carebear stare in FF14.


I have a couple of other friends who I'd love to get into the game at the KS level - if anyone hasn't used their gift option yet and would like to help out, let me know and I can put them in touch!


Looking forward to getting murdered by you all!

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Welcome Syn.


Even if you can't get KS packages for your friends you can still the the 2015 packages.  All of the packages are a really good value.  Not as great, but still not terrible either, and probably equally as worth it in the long run.


See you around!


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Hi and welcome to the CF community :)


This game has a lot of old-school developers behind it, and we think its going to be great.

If you have any questions about the game or anything else, feel free to give me a PM. 

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Welcome to the forums.  I also have a gaming friend who used to play SB and claims it was "the" game.  Personally, I get nostalgic for original Ultima Online.  Here's hoping the people responsible for those games can make a new game that captures the best of both those past loves.

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