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Can't login, email to artcraft bounced, it's a mess

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Ok, so my main account can't log in for some reason, and when I try to reset the password, it gives me an error.

So I send an email to support@artcraftent.com using the contact us link and it gets bounced back to me saying undeliverable!

So I create a fake account, cleverly disguised as you can see, to post in bug reports, but I can't because this account is a newbie, non-backer.

I try to message Pann, but the button doesn't even show up. Probably, again, because this account is new.

So, whoever can, please contact me about my real account, so we can get this straightened out.

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Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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Zinnie, I just got the email off the site. I used my email account. I'll try the crowfall.com one.

Alright! Got a proper response from that one. Fingers crossed.

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Is that a real address? The contact us page has the artcraftent.com address. I'll try it.


Yes, it is, but I think it has been replaced by support@artcraftent.com as primary support contact. Hopefully they're still taking a look at the @crowfall.com one from time to time and you get an answer.  :P

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Yep, you've been banned. All the symptoms are there. Must of been for making unremarkable posts that would otherwise be considered terrible to even vikingnail standards.

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