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Question about upgrade

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So I got the Sapphire package at Kickstarter. If I were to upgrade another 500$ Would I receive the KS rewards or the limited rewards? If the answer is the Limited rewards would I then loose my Sapphire KS rewards?

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If you already have a KS Sapphire and purchase a second KS Sapphire, you should get all the KS Sapphire items twice (KS stretch goals, backers goals, items, etc.), if I am correct. However I think only one bundle can be applied to an account (not 2 Sapphire bundles could be consumed on the same account).


edit : I thought that you mean purchasing another $500 package rather than upgrading. If you're upgrading to KS Ruby, you'll get everything that was included during Kickstarter : stretch goals, backer goals, items, until June 30th, as Keaggan wrote.  :P If it's upgraded after June 30th, you'll keep the Kickstarter rewards already earned if you upgrade to 2015 bundles.

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I think he's considering an upgrade to Ruby rather than a second Sapphire.


If you upgrade before June 30 you'll get the KS Ruby rewards. If you upgrade after June 30th you'll get the 2015 Ruby rewards which are significantly less, and in some cases less than KS Sapphire.

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As a former KS-Backer

- you will be able to upgrade your KS-Bundle until June 30.

- you will be able to buy a second KS-Bundle until June 30.


You might use the layaway offer to upgrade/buy these bundles (paying at least 15% of the upgrade/bundle price, paying the rest within the next 18 month) as soon as this offer is online (next week?).


You cant upgrade your KS bundle anymore

- once you consumed (unpacked) it in your account administration

- once you select a layaway KS upgrade link

- after June 30.


There will be 2015-Bundle upgrades after June 30. link


Afaik it has actually not been clarified directly, if you will be able to "upgrade" from KS to 2015. But former postings seem to say yes. It has been said, that you will get the difference between your KS bundle and the 2015 bundle. You will allways keep, what you got in your KS bundle, even if it is not mentioned in the higher 2015 bundle. You will only get from the higher 2015 bundle, what isnt mentioned in your former KS bundle.


Btw as KS backer you will allways be able to buy or upgrade KS and 2015 strongholds even after June 30. link


Badge, Forum-Title and Alpha/Beta Access depend not only on your pledge level, but on the every dollar you spend with your account. So those will "upgrade" automatically, if you for example buy some strongholds after June 30 and you reach the next theoretical pledge level with your sum total.

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@Dr. Kraahk: Yes! This was an AWESOME response.  I do have another question for you, or Tyrant, or whomever else. In my cart, there's a Sapphire KS waiting to be purchased (I've now gotten my SNAFU fixed with the payment people and am just waiting the required week to make my purchase).  However, with the layaway, I am going to upgrade that to Ruby (now that I know the initial payment is 15%).  But, there's no way to remove the Sapphire and make it a Ruby. Perhaps that functionality will be coming with the layaway addition next week? Do I NEED to clear the cart and select my final upgrade for the layaway or can I leave it at Sapphire and then, when the layaway comes online, upgrade it to my final level?


PS. Never mind...I just kinda tested it out for myself and found that by just choosing the next level up, it automatically upgrades my cart! Now to just wait for the layaway to go live to get the payment done!  :)



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