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Once in my life i wanna be part of it

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Hey guys!


Short intro: 25, law/philosophy student, vienna, austria, europe, world.


Something i want to share:



Story of my life is, that i always missed the start of things, and then struggled to get the feeling of being part of the game or the community. Many years ago, when World of Warcraft came out i really wanted to play it but since we had a very bad internet infrastructure in Austria in those days it just wasnt possible, so i started about 2 or 3 years after release.


When i burned out after Burning Crusade (u see the wordplay) i changed to Guild Wars which was running for 2 years at this time. I really loved it and nothing came close for me but i wasnt there when it was released.


I then tried every MMO on the market (GW2, SWTOR, AA, TERA,  AION, TESO etc.) but i never really felt free in this games and i as i grew up i needed a community were i fit in. The mentioned games all made me feel like a child, who is not able to walk on his own, it was just doing always the same but a bit different. There was no real motivation to play these games and so they got boring after a few months and so i quit.


I told myself i´ll never gonna play an MMO again and instead play some Offline Games. So i played CIV, and XCOM, Witcher, Mass Effect and so on. It was fun but i really missed the interaction with others. So i started my browser, looking for some upcoming MMOs but i got this familiar feeling, i was bored. The same old MMO philosophy, Quests, A to B, boring combat, handholding and so on. I was about to really give up on MMOs, what would have been good for my studies and my purse but then i found Crowfall and it really got me.


The mixture of having your own kingdom, which you can share with others, and PvP, a player driven economy, crafting like in EVE / SWG sounded pretty good. So i followed it for a few weeks, watching videos on Youtube and as i read through the FAQ i whipped out my credit card and became a contributor. The thing which was very convincing was how ACE is providing information about their ideas. I mean the FAQ is huge, regarding to the current state of the game. They immediatelly answer questions from the community, what i really appreciate. Sure you can say, they get money for that and it´s their job, but we all know that those things arent that usual these days. Also i like the idea of ever changing campaigns, i really believe that it will gives the game an exciting restart over and over again. We havent seen much ingame footage right now, but i hope it´s going to be a solid game at release. A solid base on which the community and the developers can work on is all i want for release.


So i´m finally being part of an upcoming game which looks like that i had dreamed of, having the chance to give feedback, maybe playing in alpha (if i can get the money for gold/amber) and can help to make the game what we want it to be.


I´m really looking forward to play with you guys, either you´re on my side or not.


And ACE, i wish you all the best for the next months and years. Keep up the good work!

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I'm somewhat the opposite.  I would always start with the games but lose interest because the people I played with would disappear.  Then I would miss the middle part of the game and come back years later when my group of friends would start playing again.  I'm not doing that this time.  I'll stick it out even when they all stop playing and then when they get I'll look like the badass because I won't have to play catch up learning the game again.  Good to know when my friends stop playing the game there are people still in the game looking for new friends.

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