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Demon Warlords


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Are you tired of guilds that don't do squat? Are you looking for a guild that will rise up the pvp ladder? If so join the Demon Warlords, we are a heavily based pvp guild and we love fighting other guilds and anyone who stands in our way! One thing about our guild we don't bully lower level players. What's the fun in that? When we go to war... no one is safe. We crush high level players who think they're safe.


Here a little background on me.. I have played a lot of MMOs games so I am familiar with strategy, action and fantasy games. On wizard101 I have pvp warlords, I have played league of legends with a competitive ranked team the Void Warriors and I have played world of warcraft and many others.  


Finally.. all archetypes are welcome, in this guild you get in on skill not because you picked the most desired archetype. Everyone is welcome and for those not into pvp we will be heavily farming dungeons for gear.


This guild is a family.. LET THE FOES BEFORE US TREMBLE.


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