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The Black Watch Ark Survival Evolved 40 Slot Server


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How's ARK compared to Rust or DayZ?


TLDR is in bold.


As is with anything in it's infancy, it's just as frustrating and confusting as it is endearing and full of potential. It is very early alpha, so if you head into it expecting a finished product you're going to be dissapointed. It's rough, glitchy, unfinished, constatntly changing, wipes occuring here and there, stat balances rendering your favorite pet useless, and the official servers can be, and often times are, a starting players worst nightmare.


That said, I'm still having a pretty good time with it. It's gritty, it's dirty, and you have to learn not to get too attached to anything because odds are you're going to lose it at some point, be it gear, a base, your pets, etc... and you really get out of this game what you put in. Comit to a 3 hour long train and you could get yourself a pretty sweet buddy, or if you don't have that much time on your hands you could take my approach and tame 30 dodos at 20 minutes a pop.The effort required just to maintan your property and pets is pretty intense, more so now that they've nerfed gathering, but it gives it a sense of worth that's been absent in a lot of modern games and almost, not quite but almost, makes the daily grind 'worth it'.


What I like most about this game so far is how active the devs are, and how they respond to the community. They are taking this game VERY seriously and love any and all feedback we throw at them. They're currently working on a second map, and the community is already creating mods for the game that make it outright helarous. They way they're handling ARKs creation makes me hopeful for it's future, it looks like it could really be good.


I can't really compare it to DayZ, but in terms of RUST well "It's like they wanted to make RUST the right way, but couldn't for copyrite reasons, so they added dinosaurs and it worked." - My friend Chuck. Hi Chuck.


If you want to get started and get a feel for the game cruise the steam forums for privately owned servers. Good words to look for are PVE, Base Protection, Open Tribes, and most importantly Whitelist. See if you can get on one of those and you should be golden.

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