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Soliticing to buy/sell pledge packages not permitted


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Please note that it is not permissible to post advertisements on these forums in order to buy or sell pledge packages. 


Behold this post from Tyrant

Here's a few points on this subject.


1) We don't prevent people from trading items with each other in Crowfall, and don't intend to.  If something is not intended to be traded (something which is not an item for example), it will be marked as such.


2) That said -- BUYER BEWARE!  ArtCraft is not responsible for what happens with transactions outside the game environment, and we aren't going to "make things right" if you get ripped off, so do you own research, and accept the risks involved if you engage in these kinds of transactions.

3) Our current Rules of Conduct at http://crowfall.com/#/rulesofconduct prohibits this kind of advertising: (the forum Rules of Conduct are in addition to the website overall ROC)

  • Post messages for any purpose other than personal communication, including advertising or promotional messaging, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or other commercial activities;
  • Post any messages to, or otherwise attempt via any of the ArtCraft Services (or otherwise) to trade or sell physical or digital Merchandise, such as characters, “resources,” game credits or other accrued Game benefits offered by ArtCraft.

4) With that said, we are in the midst of updating all our TOS/ROC documents and we will continue to curtail the advertising of commercial services on our forums and within the Crowfall game environment.  No one likes unwelcome advertising, particularly within their entertainment.  We will not stop people from trading Crowfall game items, even through third party commercial services.

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