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Question on Armor-Crafting

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We don't have plans for Archetype specific requirements on the item types. (ie a Plate Helm can be equipped by everyone, there isn't 13 different kinds of plate helms)


A Plate Helm will look like the Plate Helm for that archetype. Yes it is a bit weird that the Roman looking Helm I just looted off that Legionnaire looks like a full visor when I equip it on my Knight. That said It does mean every loot drop is potentially usable. It also means crafters don't need 208 different recipes to cover all the archetypes across all the armor types.


So can we get a confirmation that the archetypes can also equipped the all the weapon type options ? As in we will not be weapon locked per archetype ?

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We have dev confirmation that most weapon types are equippable by any archetype, with a few limited exceptions like the frostweaver's chain scythe.


With that said, you can pick it up, but you won't necessarily be any good with it. Different archetypes will have very different skill caps for different weapon families, so Legionnaires might have a high cap for polearms but a very low cap for daggers while Duelists have the opposite.

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