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Hoping to get the band back together... would be great!


Lincoln checking in :)

Good Deal!  Now lets get the Beta Phases started pwease!


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more like rolling Roosevelt's :D

Know me and fear me. My embrace is for all and is patient but sure. The dead can always find you. My hand is everywhere - there is no door I cannot pass, nor guardian who can withstand me.


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Did you guys run with an all centaur group in SB, or was your crest a picture of a horse head? Something with horses and centaurs... I remember you being the enemy, but I can't remember the details. 

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Yes we ran Full Centaur rolling squads and we did have a Horses Head as our shield crest. Hope to see more than a few us around for this one!


President Pierce

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On 6/27/2015 at 5:27 AM, Reagan said:

TP will be playing CF. Hope to gather up some of our wayward members from the past few games. Our website has changed PM me for additional details.

<tap tap tap>
Is this thing still on?

Wayward "President" Fidel, reporting for duty.  


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