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Strange Payment options bug

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I was trying to layaway a KS Gold, upgrading from my KS Bronze.

When I let the amount on the "Minimum: $20.00", after clicking on the "payment options" button it didn't work (waiting for response for too much time), and though it said it reported it to the devs, I wanted to "report" the success of the payment when I tried to pay not the minimum, but a "random" $25.00.

I'm using Firefox 38.0.5, from EU (Hungary).

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This is a known bug that is being corrected.  If you enter '$' in this field it confuses it.  If you did the same thing and just entered 25 it would work!


The thing is (which it seems I couldn't explain correctly) that I did not enter anything into the "other amount" box, I left it empty/as it was, as I chose the "Minimum" choice. So either it has a $ sign as default, and it confuses it even when you did not choose that option, or I remember something wrong now as it happened yesterday. :)

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