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Rainbow Cru-Satyrs


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"☆ We are in a positivity drought, so just live. Be the change you want the game to be. Go Primal. Just follow your positive gaming star. ☆"





Greetings wayward travelers and. hopefully, welcome to your new home!


Throughout this day and age there has been an influx of "Hardcore" gaming communities & negative tyrannical mentalities plaguing our gaming world... So much hatred for those not of your guild, so much focus on what means so little in life.


A couple of buddies of mine came up with that quote up top, do you like it? We sure do! For it is on those words that our guild was founded and on that foundation alone, I present little piece of paradise. The Raindow Cru-Satyrs!



Who are We?: Founded in 2015 by a group of players tired of being forced into stressful and abusive positions by games and life, we created this guild with one thing in mind. Following our positive gaming star.


Who says you must strive to be the best? Who says everything is a competition? Who says positivity is "carebear"? We don't! It is just life, the lives we wish to share with you all!


Mission: To create a monster-free metropolis which is home for friendly adventures, banter & a place where newcomers and veterans feel at home!


We want to be the light we wish to see within this "PvP" oriented game. Since we as a guild do not believe in PvP we keep our Eternal Kingdom running on donations from fellow gamers in order to make this home a reality.



Requirements: Simply that you be young at heart.


We wish to be the place you come to decompress from a long day, life is so hard on the vast majority of us and the last thing we want to worry about is another bully, tyrant, argumentative person or even monster tormenting our thoughts!


We discourage any PvP oriented individuals from joining our guild because they might feel overwhelmed by our goals and dreams but we will never bar anyone from our doors! All are welcome!





Isn't the guild spelled wrong?


Not at all! The name "Cru- Satyrs" is a play on words to incorporate our mascot from on the best games, I believe, of all time, Wizard101's Satyr!


We sincerely apologize for the English majors that find the spelling offensive, this was not our intention at all.



So anyone can join your guild?


Anyone at all! We discourage certain playstyles from joining our guild but we bar our doors to no man/woman/red panda! We believe our mentality is enough to change the world! Unfortunately, if you are ever caught PvPing or working towards a goal in competitive spirit, we will have to remove you from our guild. But thats not the end for you!


You can always reply once you change your ways.


So wait, you won't do any campaigns? How will you obtain money to host the EK and the guild?


Again, we are counting on the donations of fellow players that believe in our mission. Sure, we might not have houses and stuff in our kingdom at first! But we will grow together, as a family, and it will grow into something to rival the most hardcore of guilds. We believe love will conquer all!



Will their be a ranking system in your guild? How will you insure tyranny won't prevail?


No ranks. Everyone is equal in our eyes. We will have our guild bank be the "leader" of the guild in which one of the founders will have access to make sure the money is divided evenly into all the property taxes and EK expenses. Our main accounts will be outside with you all! Adventuring in our vast EK and making cheerful banter in the common areas!


Is there an application we fill out?



Nope! Comment in the section below with your name and affirm that you have a young heart, once you do you will be inducted into the Cru-Satyrs!




We appreciate all of your time, thanks for making it to the bottom of our recruitment thread.



Remember, Be the change you want the game to be. Go wild and follow your star.



Hope to hear from you all soon! Many giggles and blessings come to you all.

Edited by knossos

You're hilarious dude, you deserve awards for your degree of wit and intelligence, you truly do.

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