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Combat Chat 2, Part Deux - Official discussion thread


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Good stuff, sexy combat:


  • Fluid Combat Chain Transition, character can receive new command when 80% through his previous attack animation.
  • Classes are weak if they don't block (Skill x99 ).
  • Get hit in head with no helmet?  World of hurt?  I hope this feature sticks around.
  • Centaur is the best at everything (Except fitting through small spaces I hope).

I love combat chat.

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How Can Mounts Add to the Crowfall Experience?  Caravans, Hunting Boars, and more.


How Complex can Mining be in Crowfall?  Mining difficulty, fatigue, infrastructure.

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We are getting spoiled with updates!  :D


Well that was cool to hear they are breaking things down to magical attack and physical attack, but I still have some questions:


What I mean is how does having armor against 9 different types of damage help or hinder the attacker? How are we supposed to know how to overcome the armor and attack with what they are weak against? Will it look something like: ALL Plate Armor is Strong against Slashing, Fire, Poison & Weak against Electric, Crushing, Nature. 




Is it plate and chain have varying levels of resist to physical damage but almost nothing against magical damage? 


If this is true than all melee players will be targeted by caster and mages are going to be stomped by stalker/duelist. Is this the design direction? That different archetypes are designed to be counters to other types?


So depending on what kind of archetype I am I know which types of attacks I need to use on a specific target? 

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So that sounds like you can mix/match armor and where the attack actually lands (IE if it hits your head) then the stats of your helment is the one the damage is checked against rather then some "whole armor/resistance" value? 


If so that's good, will certainly lead to more strategy in terms of how people outfit and people finding weak points of an enemy depending on what they are wearing and where to hit them.

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Overall some nice insight on the combat design process.  As a followup to the armor update clarifications, good to see you guys are treating armors with real differences (example - cloth weak to all physicals but good against magic). 


Nothing really mind blowing here, but it all feels like it is coming together nicely.  Now... you just need more hands for the hands on feedback!

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Nerf Centaurs!  :D



I'm interested in whether the bigger weapon range for centaurs comes at a cost.  They have an outer radius in which they can hit, but is there an inner radius in which they cannot hit?  Can I get up close and take that range out of play?

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Great video... skeptical about a toe to toe 40 second ttk but we will see how it pans out. 


I take this with a grain of salt, like how developers often say for dungeons they create they aim for a Time to Complete for an hour and a skilled group of players can kill it in a shorter time period. TTK is an average in my mind to the wide spread of player skills.


Overall another good informative video, excited to see what is next!


Varius - Veteran Member of LG
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I am disappointed with the block button.  I was hoping they would be a wee bit more creative here.  Instead of an active block, I was hoping it would be integrated into different skills. 


I feel combat would flow smoother if I had a skill where I jumped, skipped, dodged parried or blinked  in a specific direction based on skill used.  This would require me to think about my counter move and hit the appropriate button accordingly.  If you was swinging a HUGE sword from my left, I would jump right and go right into an attack of some sort.  The attack should be part of the active block, dodge, etc.  This would be quicker and flow better. 


Is the dodge parry whatever button going to be tied to a global timer???  Or will it have the same 80% que to the next skill??  What is this 80% que equivalent to as far as ping difference?  Are you expecting this to slow this down where 50 ms and 200 ms ping can play together or is the gap your expecting a smaller or larger diference?

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