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blaze duskdreamer

Grandson's top 10 tips on open PvP, full loot games.

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rule #whatever: if you're ambushed, enemy likely has the advantage. No point in running...that's expected increases their advantage...so you have 2 choices a) trash all your valuable crap so they don't get benefit of the gank or B) try to turn the tables and fight your way out.


i prefer option A when its an 'honorless gank'...ie. getting run over by 4+:1 odds.


if i feel it's even enough...option B it is, and to the victor goes the spoils.


the biggest issue most 'non pvp' types have is fear of dying...to which i say, go out and die a lot. you'll get better. you'll die less. combat will 'slow down'...and it will become fun...so much so you'll never want to fight a stupid ai again.

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Hope she returns at some point to try the game, the variety of rulesets (factions) should help get new pvpers into it. Then once you catch the pvp virus there is no cure but FFA/full loot/friendly fire !


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