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Looking for a guild

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I see a lot of names on these boards that I recognize from my glory days of gaming. 


Looking for a GvG focused guild that intends on playing the political game a bit rather than jumping straight into RPKing (as fun as that tends to be, i'm looking for a bit more out of my gaming experience).


below is an excerpt from my Introduction post.


Gaming History:


I have been absent from the MMO scene for quite a while... history below (in chronological order)


1) Asheron's Call (Darktide shard)

2) Dark Age of Camelot (Andred Shard)

3) Anarchy Online

3) Shadowbane (House Morier Inner Council member)

4) World of Warcraft (ashamed that this was the MMO that I spent the most time in)

5) Darkfall Online 

6) Mortal Online (pretty sad at how bad this was)

7) A bunch of short lived filler... GW2, ESO, FFXIV, etc...




I'd prefer to play with a bunch of people 25+ because I really have no desire to play with overly emotional trash talking High School/College kids. (swiftly turning into an old ass man at my young age)



Why waste time being toxic? There are plenty of other people on the internet already doing that.

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So many great guilds (and too many bad ones as well :P ), but the challenge is getting a guild that is great for you.  Based on what you have posted here these guys may have at least some of what you are looking for...




And I quote...



2.       Government Officials

a.       Governor (1) – speaks to the people, directs the rest of the government.

b.      Senate (2) – advises the governor, creates law and votes on initiatives.

c.       Economist (1) – Advises the senate on economic issues

d.      Ambassador (4) – Handles social, military, and economic negations with other kingdoms.

e.      Public Relations Experts - organizes guild events both internally and cooperatively with other guilds.

f.        Trade Officer (filled) – organizes trade activities among the trade craftsmen such as crafting and resource gather initiatives.


Best of luck regardless :)!!


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Greetings Skraylok,


Looked through your comments and I think that our guild would be a perfect fit for you!


Ascendance is a tight guild part of a community of gamer's who strive for excellence called Legend Gaming! We currently are spotting 25 members (and that is only the ones who have confirmed playing while others are taking a "wait and see" approach before joining up). We have an age limit of 17+ which gets rid of a lot of the High Schoolers / those who are not ready for a mature atmosphere, and we definitely do not support drama and get rid of it through our Code of Coduct system which has been developed over the years to get quality members!


Our guild lines up with your mindset! We want to get into the GvG campaign and create alliances with other guilds in order to get the most intense / fruitful game play we can from Crowfall. We want to demonstrate our strength as a guild rather than simply being part of a faction. 


If this sounds like something that lines up with your interests visit us at:




Our site can answer a ton of questions, however if you have any particular questions about the guild, send me a message here or in a PM on the Crowfall Forums or our Forums and I will be happy to answer!


Hope you have a great day and Happy Hunting in finding the guild that is right for you!


Varius, Officer of Recruitment


Varius - Veteran Member of LG
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KOS is perfect for you! Come visit our guild page or join us in ts @ kosteamspeak.com most of the day there are people in our Crowfall channel talking about game play and making plans for game domination!



KoS Webpage / We are Hardcore Gamers but welcome Casuals / TeamSpeak 3, Server address: kosteamspeak.com

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