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Fear of losing something can generate fun

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Hello everyone,


I’m new to the Crowfall community. Usually I’m not a heavy poster but I will try to be less shy.


Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I’m 40 years old, father of 2, leaving in France in Europe and I have been playing MMO since Ultima Online. Played very hardcore and then a little less due to real life responsibilities.


With a bunch a friends we are back into playing Everquest for fun. Basically it’s a project called 1999 and for those of you who knew Everquest we are playing the basic game with the extension Kunark.


When you are still playing the game after 2 month you ask yourself what is keeping you in that old game? There are few answers; we can regroup theses answers into 2 categories friends and the fun.


The category “fun” might sound crazy but to be honest:


- It is fun to fear the losing experience potential when you die (you lose something - a bunch of experience - pay your mistakes)

- It is fun to pass a hell level – after the 30th level every 5 level you need a lot more experience to move up to the next (milestones or tiers)

- It is fun to feel the consequence of your mistakes (waiting for healer or any caster to get their mana back after a bad pull – sometime it can take 10 to 12 minutes real time)

- It is fun to be lost, there is no map, you have to /loc, or to use the wiki (you feel like an adventurer or the need to go to the library)

- It is fun to be inclined to group, because alone the game will break you or it will take you forever to level up (team work / interactions of skill or position)

- It is fun to be able to craft / loot stuff that is really useful and camp mobs for some time (dedication / hard) - Some stuff can decay, it feets the crowfall's model and it "normal" to prepare somehow for battle (craft or so)

- It is fun to choice few spells and to be able to switch them (adaptability – but it takes time, memorizing a spell can take few seconds)


It is hard and it is fun because it is rewarding.


Please forgive me for any misspelling.


Elandrael aka Jean-Michel 

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Well luckily for you then you'll be doing a lot of 'losing' in Crowfall. By which I mean the loss of items.


                                                                                                     Covert Operations Specialists -  http://theobsidian.co

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Great post mate!


People have different reasons for having fun, and for some fun might be crafting, for others it might be the EK, or infiltrating a enemy guild for information. Or it might be watching grown men cry like babies after getting killed for the 20th time in a row.


The beauty is that Crowfall will have all that and more, and will suit a lot of different playstyles.

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Meaningful victories and defeats make a game interesting. If you can suffer a TPK, say "that sucked lol", and roll right back into doing the same thing, you have no real challenge and no reason to get better. The trend towards lighter and lighter death penalties hasn't done gaming any favors.


With Crowfall, where losing a battle can mean your guild's stronghold is burnt to the ground and all of your vaulted resources and equipment looted, I don't think consequence-free failure will be an issue.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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