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Ramshackle vibe. Ruinous aesthetic

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I really like the ramshackle kind of bundle of sticks amazonian bazaar sort of cobbled together town aesthetic.


You know, that rushed together cheap-o, cobbling together of humanity...competing to make it in the big city market, and holing up wherever there's space.


...I hope you guys don't go all in on grand 'fresh' architecture.



I know we're the gods heroes or some such, but maybe you could put in for some "take as many as you can" sort of save the masses lore, and make it work.


Also just in general Demon Souls, and those sorts of games, had really cool 'godly' architecture but it wasn't shinny gobsmacking stuff, it was really cool old 'venerable' forts n stones and such. I hope you guys can make that a style that works in your game...to an extent and put it into the options for EKs.

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