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Due to the nature of the group for which this guild was named, this thread is being closed. The guild will need to select another name. 

We're looking forward to playing this game. http://wehrmacht.us/

WM = the voldemort of shadowbane guilds

Let's just see if you get banned again for your name, which only means "Air Force" in German.  Gotta say, while i'm sure we would've burned you guys to the ground in SB, I always supported you having that guild name...

Until Crowfall release hits:  ForumBane.  Post 2 crush.   We'll burn your threads to the ground.

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Luftwaffe means air force. Regardless, Wehrmacht is not a guild based out of racial issues whatsoever, in fact, almost all geographical locations as well as sexual orientations on the planet are represented in the guild.


That being said, it is a guild based on being a well-oiled machine in combat. Along those lines, I would say we would easily crush Dark Carnival if they came to blows with us.

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I'll just leave this here



Please take note of the following:



The Wehrmacht (German pronunciation: [ˈveːɐ̯maxt] (13px-Speaker_Icon.svg.png listen), lit. 'defence force'[N 2]) was the unified armed forces of Germany from 1870–1918 and 1935 to 1946

This means that is wasn't due to them being gummy bear, that they got the name, nor were all Wehrmacht gummy bear...

In fact, if you continue to read the article:


The German term Wehrmacht generically describes any nation's Armed Forces, thus, Britische Wehrmacht denotes "British Armed Forces."

So, in conclusion, some of Wehrmacht was from the gummy bear era... therefore some Wehrmacht were indeed Nazis. I would also argue that ALL Nazis were white, so lets go ahead and get rid of all of the people here who are white on these forums, because by the logic that the name Wehrmacht is gummy bear, then all white people must be Nazis too.


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