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Due to the nature of the group for which this guild was named, this thread is being closed. The guild will need to select another name. 

We're looking forward to playing this game. http://wehrmacht.us/

WM = the voldemort of shadowbane guilds

The only "pretty"ish word I used would be conclusion, over all it was on a very basic writing level.

I don't have a desire to play with WM, think they are just another eh guild, with a good core. But I like calling something what it is, and I am sorry, but this is not biased... Its people nameing their guild and army, and thinking that the funniest way to do it is to name it with the angriest language out there.


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Let's just see if you get banned again for your name, which only means "Air Force" in German.  Gotta say, while i'm sure we would've burned you guys to the ground in SB, I always supported you having that guild name...




Strumgrenadier is a well known gaming guild too ( http://www.sturmgrenadier.org/ ) despite that name meaning "Storm Trooper" (Grenadier isn't strictly 'trooper')

Very old guild drawing it's name from the PvP game it was created in.

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