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A Crowfall Story - The White Forest


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{OOC - So I am not 100% certain where I should put this but it's something I'll be working on if I get time.  This is a very early draft of a short story I'm doing for Crowfall out of my own pure enjoyment.  Hopefully you guys enjoy it and if you do I would be more then happy to continue posting.  If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below I would love to read and hear what you guys have to say.  Without further nonsense I hope you enjoy.}


The White Forest


The snow fell gently around me the frozen liquid fell upon the back of my neck and turned to liquid sending a small shiver through my body.  I took a small shallow breath and concentrated on focusing heat into the core of my body and then out to my extremities.  It was no use the winter season felt like it had lasted an eternity.  The spring and summer seasons felt like the went by far too quickly and the fall season had begun and people began to panic and they placed walls up higher then you could ever imagine.  This was the point in time where I began to get stronger though.  I ventured out alone tracking and hunting was a necessity and the rare artifacts that I could return would feed me for the entirety of the winter season with no issues.


I took another quick breath as I scanned my surroundings again still doing my best to ensure I wasn’t moving quickly.  The wind restricted my vision at times and looking into it nearly restricted it to nothing.


When you can’t see listen.  Your surroundings will tell you everything you need to know just with the noise of the woods.


I moved forward slowly listening hoping to hear any sound.  I strained against the howling of the wind and pressed forward.  My leather felt less warm the more I moved it felt more brittle as I pressed on.




Every bit of me knew to stop to conceal myself in my surroundings.  It was a winterman.  As time pressed on man and beast both fell to the cold embrace of the winter some were able to withstand it others were not so lucky.  I grinned as I heard it crunching around in the snow.  I took a deep breath and held it for a moment before slowing letting it release into the winter guard that covered my mouth and nose.  I leaned against a tree near myself and then pushed myself off of it.


Listen to the sounds of the forest!

I moved to take a step forward and froze.  There was crunching coming from every direction.  The snow all around me felt alive and the wind fell silent.  The groans and growl of the wintermen were terrifying and most would flee at just the sound of this many but I was fine they weren’t alert to my presence or they shouldn’t have been.




I closed my eyes and focused if they weren’t after me they must be after something else had another hero been foolish enough to travel up here alone.  I didn’t need to worry as I could easily blend into my surroundings but was there someone else here.  The growls could be heard closing in near my right I strained and listened carefully.


‘Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch’.


My eyes grew wide someone else was out here.  I focused as hard as I could was it a solo hero or a group.  No solo player would dare make this much noise out here it would almost certainly mean death.  I moved swiftly in the direction the other heroes would most likely be running.  The groans around me grew louder and louder almost like it was coming from inside my own head.

Find them.  Fast!


I moved briskly not caring for my own noise or sounds at this point the wintermen were to close for me to be able to easily avoid them.  I drew my bow and grasped for an arrow from my quiver and sprinted in the direction of the crunching.  My pace increased the closer I got to my fellow hero.  I sprinted towards the sound of clashing iron and bone where there screams of battle could be easily heard.


As I came around the first tree and saw three heroes standing toe to toe with what appeared to be a small army of wintermen.  Nearly thirty or so wintermen surrounded the heroes and they fought viciously.  The wintermen carving and hacking away but the massive shield of the Knight refused to relinquish any ground she held fast and bashed the nearest creature away watching it shatter into pieces.  From the back I could see a bright light coming from the hands of one of the heroes.  The confessor brought the wrath of holy judgement upon the foul creature and it turned to ash in front of her.  The confessor smiled before collapsing exhaustion had clearly taken her.


“C’mon lass don’t be stoppin yer fight’n we ain’t outta this yet!”  The brawny forgemaster swung his mighty hammer in an arch crushing three wintermen before he dropped to one knee to help the confessor up.


I ground my teeth and sprinted towards them releasing an arrow at full stride.  I watched it fly past the head of forgemaster and strike one of the creatures in the head causing it to fall to pieces.  The nearest wintermen snarled and growled and turned towards me but I was rested I hadn’t moved much during the cold season.  I was well rested and ready for combat.  I pulled another arrow and loosed.  It took the next creature’s head clean off it’s body and it slammed into the chest of the creature behind it pinning them together.  I sprinted forward and pulled the arrow from the chest spun and slammed the head into the other and fired the arrow into the next.


The knight let out a massive battle cry and lunged forward now was her chance to be offensive.  She swung her mighty shield at head level completely decapitating one before spinning and thrusting her sword through the head of a second.  She pressed forward in a vicious storm of sword, shield and armor.  Though weighed down by such heavy gear she was still fluid almost waterlike in her movements allowing for very little wasted energy.  It was apparent that she was much stronger than the confessor and the forgemaster and most likely they had asked her to help them gather some of the relics up here.


The forgemaster bashed a creature and swung wildly fending off creatures as the confessor fired small fireballs at the creatures heads now having the chance to finally aim.  I lunged and moved under and around one of the frozen creatures.  The might of them was not in the strength and speed of each individual winterman and one or two could generally be handled easily but in massive groups they could cause problems.  Generally it was best to avoid them outright but it was fairly clear after watching this group fight that the knight was someone that enjoyed combat and had potentially overestimated her group's abilities or lack there of.


I fired another arrow and was finally able to make my way through to where the knight stood.  She nodded at me and I readied myself behind her.  “You lead I’ll follow.”  She pressed forward allowing me to stay in cover behind her.  My hands moved quickly and I loosed arrow after arrow into those frozen creatures.  The strong knight parried and blocked every incoming attack her timing was flawless.  We pressed our assault forward as the forgemaster tended to the confessor.  The attacks began to come slower and the wintermen came fewer and fewer.


I pulled the arrow from the eye of the last winterman and took a deep breath and felt the snow begin to fall again.  The knight had already moved back towards her companions she apologized as she hugged the confessor.  I returned my bow to my back and placed the remaining unbroken arrows back into my quiver.  I had left with thirty arrows and seven had broken in the midst of the fight I managed to recover a few off of the corpse’s and my total now sat at roughly thirty-five.  I moved my way over to the group and stood quietly looking over each of them.  This had to be their first winter in this realm and it was apparent they didn’t know much about what they had gotten themselves into by wandering out this far.


“Thank you for your help ranger.” “Aye lad, ya did us quite a favor by help’n.”  The knight and forgemaster smiled grateful and the forgemaster stepped forward and gave me a slap on my back.  I could feel a small amount of rage building in me as I looked down at the confessor the knight was holding close to herself trying to warm her up.


“What were you thinking coming out here like this.  You were completely unprepared and you know next to nothing about what lurks out here.  You’re lucky this happened during day.  If it had been night you would have been nothing but corpse’s for me to loot.”  My eyes grew stern and cold as I looked at them.


“We understand we made a mistake but things are not necessarily easy for us we are part of a very small guild and most of the larger guilds have taken a lot of the farmable land.  We have been trying to come out here to find things to barter for food, medicine, equipment.  Is there any way we can repay you for your help?”  The knight hugged the confessor tightly and then open her mouth and poured a silver liquid into her mouth.  The confessor stirred as if waking from a slumber.  The forgemaster sat down on a rock nearby and pulled a pipe from his pack.


“List’n ‘ere Lad we’re doin’ everythin’ we can to just try to get by.  Ya can’t go blamin’ us fer jus’ tryin’ to survive.”  The forgemaster puffed on his pipe the smoke billowed around his eyes and made his face difficult to see.  “What’s yer name?  An’ what guild are ya with?”


You should leave quickly.


“My name is Aryn Valus and I’m not in a guild currently.  You should be leaving as soon as possible.”  I pulled my hood over my head and turned to leave.  I could hear the forgemaster puff on his pipe as the snow crunched where the knight helped the confessor to her feet.  I stopped and turned back to them.  “If you wish to repay me do me a favor and get to North Kallinbridge.  I will meet you at the inn and you can buy me a drink.  Make sure to check the corpses’ for anything valuable and leave quickly.  The cold season is upon us and this isn’t the time for the inexperienced to be out and about.”  I nodded at the knight who returned the gesture.

I looked over my shoulder one last time before disappearing in the snow covered landscape.  I couldn’t help but think that even with their inexperience they still fared well.  It seems the gods do know what they are doing after all.  I smiled and moved farther into the frozen tundra.  I still had to find my riches and there was a lot of unexplored territory waiting for me to make my claim.

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((Are you hoping for others to jump in or was this a story that you were going to continue yourself? I'd love to jump in but I'm not sure if that's what this was intended for.))


((Edit: Never mind, I get it. I love the story so far))

Edited by Vaeryx
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Thanks I should have the next part out within a few days this will be done in multiple short parts since I think it's more fun to get feedback plus it allows me to interact with the awesome RP community and stuffs :D

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Sorry for not keeping up with my promised posting schedule there will be more to the story unfortunately school and work has kept me extremely busy but I am returning back to this story as I am having a great time writing it.  At this point I will take the blizzard approach and the next part will be out when it's ready!  You guys are amazing I hope to have something out soonish! :D 

Much love <3


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If you're still wondering where this should go, there is a fan fiction forum: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/forum/11-fan-art-fiction/ , but if you don't really care, neither do I.



I like the story, but you need to be careful about using the same word over and over again, particularly in a single paragraph. The more of your vocabulary you use, the more fluid your writing becomes, and your voice comes through better.


Here's an example (one of your paragraphs):

The forgemaster bashed a creature and swung wildly fending off creatures as the confessor fired small fireballs at the creatures heads now having the chance to finally aim. I lunged and moved under and around one of the frozen creatures. The might of them was not in the strength and speed of each individual winterman and one or two could generally be handled easily but in massive groups they could cause problems. Generally it was best to avoid them outright but it was fairly clear after watching this group fight that the knight was someone that enjoyed combat and had potentially overestimated her group's abilities or lack there of


Here's my edit of it, replacing some of the repeated words with synonyms or descriptive phrases (I also added a few helpful punctuation marks):

The Forgemaster bashed a creature, then swung wildly, fending off others, while the Confessor launched small fireballs at the heads of the walking corpses, now having the chance to aim. I lunged under and moved around one of the frozen hulks. The might of these monstrosities was not in the strength and speed of each individual, one or two could generally be handled easily, but in their numbers; massive groups could cause even the most experienced Crow problems. Generally, it was best to avoid them outright, but it was fairly clear after watching the beleaguered adventurers that the Knight was someone that enjoyed fighting, and had potentially overestimated her party's abilities. Or lack thereof.



Hopefully that's a helpful tip, and you can see where I'm coming from. On the other hand, I loved the dialogue from the Forgemaster. You had his accent written perfectly. That, along with how you described his attacks, was a great way to introduce him and quickly established his character in my mind. Keep up the good work!

Edited by Infynis


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Thanks Infy I definitely will think more about it going forward I really appreciate the feedback!  My apologies for taking so long to reply I have been extremely busy with coursework this semester but I did want you to know I'm definitely listening to all feedback!

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