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Crafting Structures Within Campaigns

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Everyone LOVES to talk about Eternal Kingdoms and all the things they are going to build within theirs. What I don't see being discussed is how campaign worlds will be populated with structures. How many of these structures will be player-made?  If they ARE all player crafted, how will we be encouraged to build up actual cities instead of just having random cabins and castles with no rhyme or reason?   I believe the key to managing the chaos could be a selection of scale-able hub-and-spoke systems-  and this system could also be useful in measuring territory.  Let me explain what I mean by laying out a concept.




   The smallest hub-and spoke system is the War Camp.  War camps consist of a Campfire, along with Big Tents, Personal Tents and the lowest-level crafting structures (cooking pots, basic forges for making simple iron weapons).  The purpose of a war camp is to be a mobile front-lines base to keep players focused.  War Camps can be placed anywhere.


   The most important structures in this system are Personal Tents and Campfires.  All players own a Personal Tent, and may pitch it wherever they choose.  This tent is essentially a player-owned bed and serves as a re-spawn point and a place to rest when logged out.  Campfires are easily crafted and serve a special purpose- they are the hub of war camps.  The campfire adds a small multiplier to the buff given by resting based on how many tents are pitched around it - i.e. 1 tent = x0.01 multiplier, 2 tents= x0.02 multiplier and so on.  This way, players are encouraged to pitch their tent around another player's campfire instead of being a lone wolf.


Big Tents are what they sound like- large open tents meant to be a meeting place for the camp.  They could be used as a mess hall, for instance.




From war camps, we can move on to Forts as a hub and player-built cabins / shops as spokes to form Villages.  When I say village, I mean Popsicle-stick houses- only the Fort is a truly defensible area, and the village surrounding it will probably be flattened at the first sign of trouble if not tenaciously defended.  Villages cannot be placed around enemy Cities.


Keeps can be hubs to form Cities-  cities use nearly the same system as villages, but have more of a sense of permanence. Destroying a city would take a concentrated effort from a very significant number of people.  Cities cannot be built around enemy Cities or Villages.


(see the Kingdom and Strongholds page.  Yes, I know these structures are being advertised within Eternal Kingdoms, but there's no reason the assets can't be reused for campaigns as well.)


Remember that I'm not suggesting that anyone should be forced to use this hub and spoke system, only that hubs give buffs to other structures to encourage it and give a sense of order.  It's important to mention that structures which form the city system would not benefit from being near a Fort, and your Personal Tent won't gain a buff for being near a Keep (although in that case you can just make a war camp somewhere near the keep, as you can see happening in some of the concept art used on the website.)




How can this system be used to measure territorial boundaries?  


Simply put, territory would be measured within a certain radius around Villages or Cites.  These systems are only officially designated as such if a certain number of structures exist around their hub (no building a fort just to add some territory without it being a livable area.)   Cities give your faction a significant amount territory.  Since the enemy cannot build Villages or Cities around your Cities, they will count as territory for your faction unless they are destroyed.  Villages give your faction a much smaller amount of territory, and if the enemy builds their own village in the area, that territory is canceled out until one or the other is removed.  War Camps do not add territory and can be placed anywhere.  


A territorial measurement system could be used for a simple campaign goal - the faction with the most territory at the end of a campaign wins.




Criticism is encouraged!  I only want to get people to start thinking, not boost my ego.


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Here's what we know so far: Parcels are preplaced in the campaign world. So parcel features such as quarries and strongholds can not be build wherever you like; if you want a castle, you have to find a castle parcel which will have a castle already on it in a ruined state, and then rebuild that castle by applying gathered resources to the ruins.


Lot-scale buildings are a different matter. You will probably be able to construct cottages, shops, and other small structures freely on building lots in or around a stronghold, just like you would in your EK. This will probably be subject to many of the same restrictions as EK building placement: for example, resource parcels (e.g. quarries) don't have building lots, so no construction there. Also, the number and arrangement of available building lots around a stronghold is a function of that stronghold's upgrade level, so if you need more room for crafting halls you'll need to improve your castle further.


No idea if there's any plan to permit temporary encampments in the wilderness, but that idea doesn't really fit with any parts of the system that's been described to us so far. Like so many other things, I guess that'll be a wait and see.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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I've been trying Tera lately ,and one thing I like very much is the stamina system related to the camping at campfires.

So the higher your stamina is ,the higher your bonus to hp and mana.


As you leave the campfire,fight ,take damage,..your stamina will start to drop.(Just as your bonus to plus hp and plus mp)

In a sense its logical that you'd eventually get weaker in the wild without foods and supplies,..

Campfires might give a whole new meaning to 'junk items' too,for example, you'd find some mushrooms and now you'd be able to cook those at the campfire in order to get a small buff..or totally get high..

These structures could also add some sense of adventure to online gaming,as players really have to think before they get from point a to b.

If a player has been fighting heavily at point a with multiple enemies,their stamina would reduce heavily,so moving to point b in this weakened state involves much greater risk.

On the way from a to b,engaging or avoiding the enemy would become a tactical consideration,depending on the stamina and the distance you still have to travel.And if you don't know the distance it would be exciting venturing in the unknown I think.Surely you might approach things more defensive in weakened state.

So this would solve another issue mmo's have;players rushing through content,and zergs rushing from keep to keep on battlefields.

Its because there is no risk involved in travel itself that players can simply rush from keep to keep,with the only risk that another faction takes a keep when the zerg is on the way to conquer the next keep.It gets dull rather quickly this way..

Risk attached to travel would make a difference,because a defensive/aggressive approach would now depend on the shape of your faction's troops.

A while back i talked about bringing adventure into mmo's somewhere,I think these structures/campfires,...mentioned by op could be used in achieving that goal too.


Should we stop at stamina?I mean crowfall has lots of interesting stats and attributes to play with 


Diversify further between permanent capture point campfires and portable campfires?

The ones at capture points could be the ones I just talked about;the ones that replenish stamina for troops to regain strength after heavy warfare.(perhaps these should be the tents as OP descibed)


Some mobile ones might have an effect on specific attributes.

Like if you intercept a mobile campfire of the enemy you might find some top secret documents that boost intellect.

During winter there might be some mobile campfires that boost speed.

Somewhere else you might find a campfire with a roasted pig that boosts strength,...

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So we're not getting ANY buildings that can be placed willy-nilly? Damn, I was hoping we'd be able to at least place palisade walls/outposts wherever.


I'm pretty sure there will be plenty.

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