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Directional/Movement based attack ability

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The attack ability changes with the direction you're moving. forward, right/left strafe, backing up...


Move backwards? the ability changes to the "backing up strike" moving to the right? "right sided sweep" moving left "left sided sweep" moving forward "lunge"....



Now you've got movement-directionally toggling the ability between states...now have abilities that move the character certain speeds, or increase player speeds...


Now you've got an ability that toggles between speeds, and directions. You've got the swift runners buff? Well now you do a charge forward, a roll left, a roll right, and some sort of backwards movement break/block.



Now you've got an ability that toggles between states based on directional movement, and speed, and thats 1 ability.



I'd like to call it "auto attack".

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So if I am moving backwards is my attack is weaker? Forward stronger?  How strong are the side and back attacks? Is a back attack a lvl4, Side lvl3, Forward a lvl2 and backwards a lvl1?

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The interesting thing with this is bascially you start getting into fighting game territory. Maybe Donkey-Knights have a really strong forward, and right slash, but have garbage back slashes, and left slashes.


Maybe Donkinotaurs have super strong back slashes, and side slashes but aren't good going straight on.


Or gear suddenly affects the animation in an interesting way maybe your right arm is less heavily armored and you're cutting frames off your swing, sort of like a demonsouls dodge roll being affected by weight.



Stuff like that.


Then instead of weaving abilities onto static action bars you could have abilities that are tied into states.


"Side slash activated"->"side slash abilities toggled to be available" now you have one maybe a few moves that are static throughout all your junk, and maybe act as breaks or as special animations in n of themselves, but you have a ton of variable abilities tied down into just a few key button slots, where your dominant hand would rest more easily. Like a home key row...or on a legit gaming mouse with binds..

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These things have been tried before, and gotten rid of quickly. It requires too many calculations for large scale MMO combat they are going for. A siege is 50+ players, not 5 to a side. Think about the calculations needed on an individual based, then multiply it by a thousand every second and you have what a server is going through. Some things just won't work in an MMO environment but work better on smaller scales.

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It's actually a really good way to design controls to compress several attack variations into fewer buttons, it was mentioned elsewhere as Chording, the server doesn't need to calculate any chords because the user interface can communicate the movement and actions preformed without making the server authenticate the direction your moving in already.


An action game as a whole will have greater position communication demands, but this is an action game, and it's on ACE to figure out the hardware constraints. The harder calculations are acknowledging where you, your attack, and your oponent are when you commit an action, figuring out what action your using is superfluous.

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