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Germany says also hello 2 everyone

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Hi all,


my name is Dave and im coming from Germany and also live here. I love playing games, especially MMO(RPG) which based on Player vs. Player Modes.

I played a lot of other MMOs (like Aion, Guildwars 1+2, Elder Scrolls Online, Swtor etc...), but im currently bored which they made here in the PvP Community, so I quit all these games more or less...


I saw these Game in Kickstarter and i was glad 2 see, that a company want to develope a game, which is basically focused on PvP and crafting as well.


I´m very afraid of beeing here as a backer and will support all devs here, 2 make a good PvP Game, which i really want 2 play.


Best regards from germany,


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Willkommen Dave. Schön das die deutsche Community immer mehr Anwächst. Wenn du Lust hasst kannst du ja mal auf unserer Community Fansite reinschauen. Link ist in meiner Signatur. Tummeln sich schon einige Leute dort :)


Ansonsten sieht man sich im Spiel ;)


Grüße Tristifer


     www.northlanders.rocks                                                                                          www.crowfall-community.de


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Hi Tristifer,


danke fürs willkommen heißen :) Ich hab die Community Fansite gerade gesehen und freut mich, dass es soviele Member gibt, die dies auf die Beine stellen und up2date halten. Ich werde die Seite im Auge behalten B)

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Welcome Xarfay!   I have played in many guilds with people in Germany, in fact some members in my current guild are from there.   I hope that someday I will have the opportunity to visit there.


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Hey Dave,


I am that guy Tahru talked about... :).


I am an American living in Germany and man do I love it here. 


Also I understand your frustration as I am so bored with so many games right now... it is frustrating.  I have hopes for this, so hopefully this does work out and maybe we will run into each other in game :).


Take care... /bow.


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