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Mounts FAQ disappeared / image issue

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The Mounts FAQ is not showing anymore on http://crowfall.com/#/faq (EN) and the image for the Strategy FAQ does not cover the entire frame.




On the DE FAQ page, the mounts FAQ is there but there are 2 images missing (Voxel Farm and Physik) while the Strategie image display issue remains the same.




windows 8.1 64 bits (6.3, version 9000)

chrome Version 43.0.2357.132 m



Edited by courant101
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I did hide them  :ph34r:, because all mounts belongs to me only! hahaha just kidding.


That's obviously a bug or ace might reconsider the mount faq or how it will be like.

SkDJEH9.png Discord: message me if you want to stay in touch. Retired CrowFall member.


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