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Cosmetic Archetypes


What do you think of this idea?  

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I have no idea if anyone has suggested this before or not, but I think it would be a rad idea to start offering (read: selling) us 'cosmetic' archetypes.


These archetypes would mirror the abilities (and probably for the most part, animations) of existing archetypes, but swap them out for another race, or another 'faction' (with different armor themes) or something.


For example, the existing Mymidon assets could be tweaked somewhat (Add skulls n stuff), then applied to Druid, to give a Doomsayer archetype. Or Slayer, the Guenician assassin archetype they joked about during April Fool's, could be added as a cosmetic archetype mirroring Assassin (Complete with a little glider so they can fly).


While this would kind of undermine the 'easily identifiable archetypes' concept a bit, it would probably make the game a truckload of money, give ACE something to sell us other than forts, and just be neat.


Thanks for reading.

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1) easily identifiable archetypes is too important to handwave


2) the whole reason for the race-locked archetype system was to reduce the amount of art work needed to have a playable game; adding more art for purely cosmetic/cashgrab reasons is a much lower priority than finishing the art needed for launch.

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Not only as Jihan says will it increase time on art work but the animations can´t really be the same for a Myrmidon and another race that is smaller/taller/thinner or what ever, so ontop of new art there would be new animations new stats (weight, height, torgue and more) that effect gameplay mechanics off a combat engine that is physic based. All of that means tons of time that they don´t really have. Besides I really like this archetype system maybe haveing both female and male for all of them would be nice but the story of some of them don´t fit into that.

On another note they can make different skins for the Myrmidon, add different colors to hair/horns/earings or something else entirely and sell those options and I do think they intend to do that. They´ll have a basic customisble character with limited colors and such but if you want you can buy the rest.

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It's a bad idea, no matter how much people want customization, in an action game with unique creatures that have completely different sizes, anatomy and aesthetic, balancing the archetypes power includes things like hit box size and behaviors.


How is Guinecean going to use any wing type moves associated with Fae? They might not have flight, but they still have wings and probably moves evoked from them, how is a Champion gonna fit in Duelist trenches?


Cosmetic archetypes would be okay if they were new Archetypes that allow you to use a Mirror of an existing archetype with something similar, like a Rhino man Myrmidon, or a Gargoyle Assassin. Because they occupy a parallel identity and a recognizable appearance. They can fit within the same role and not confuse players while offering some customization.


They could have a Fae with bug wings, a Mouse Duelist, and so on, players could easily identify the mirror archetypes and fight them reactively even though they look different because they don't look like any other existing archetypes.

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No offence, but since there's no option for bad idea, I'll just say have to type it. I disagree because it's a waste of time for the dev's and because I want to know exactly what I'm fighting instead of playing a guessing game. However, I'd love to have cosmetic changes, give me an Emo minotaur!  :P

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They could have a Fae with bug wings, a Mouse Duelist, and so on, players could easily identify the mirror archetypes and fight them reactively even though they look different because they don't look like any other existing archetypes.

Ugh.  I am sure they could and will.   :(   Wings when used in that "other" game one of the devs created come in all flavors.  A great money maker but damn I don't want to see a Fae with brightly colored butterfly wings in a Campaign World.  Perhaps we could just put antlers on a Mouse duelist and call him a "Deermouse". 




No option for "bad  idea"

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Maybe it not about the happy ending. Maybe it's about the story.

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Use the "rule of DOTA skins" logic for this, and it works.


If you can't port the existing skeleton (and thus animations) to a new model, than it's too different to be recognizable by other players, not to mention a truckload more work. This would allow you some flexibility with alternate race variants and add some cash shop bait without screwing up what archetypes and their size/anatomy actually bring to gameplay.


That means all assassin variants are going to be some form of female winged humanoid, minotaurs are going to have a similar bestial gait and probably horn-centric skills, knights will always be bulky humanoids, etc. There's still a lot of room for variation in there (after release, not before) without screwing over the art budget.

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