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The Hunger and how it affects you

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So with how little information there is about the hunger and how curious i am to see what role it will play in game i decided to put forth a few suggestions as to what i think would make it an interesting game mechanic.


1) The hunger could at rare times, invade your eternal kingdom. It doesn't have to be a full on assault but it would be kind of cool to have this ever looming feeling that you could come under attack even in your home base. (i.e. silent hill, castlevania 2) Defenses could reward some exp and make for an interesting player/enemy relationship.


2) Other players could bring about/influence the hunger. This is the most interesting mechanic i can think of on a player to player level. Lets say you're losing in an important battle and you have all but given up. Rather than surrendering or joining the other faction you can incite pandemonium and bring about the full world destroying force of the hunger on everyone as a last resort. Naturally i would imagine this could cost a considerable amount of resources or some form of high cost thing to truly bring about an utter like "screw everyone that isn't me" attack.


3) The hunger weakens you. Think Demon's Souls. When you die in that game you take on a phantasmic form that has significantly reduced hp. Dying in a heavily hunger infested world could have a similar consequence. The more you die the harder it becomes to do certain things until eventually you are forced to evacuate or join forces to combat it.


4) The hunger can consume characters. Hardcore mode. No real explanation needed for this one. You die in this game mode you die for real. Also a cool way to have a bad character's last hurrah instead of arbitrarily hitting delete.


That's all I've got for right now id really like to hear everyone's thoughts on the matter. What would make the hunger interesting for you?

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