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Cryptic Tree Deciphered


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Based on various posts on the forum, which I am not going to search for right now, I have come up with a fairly plausible scenario.


You remember what devs said about gender-lock? And you remember the character creation screenie? And the cryptic tree with Sun, Earth and Moon?


Now let's go through the process of finding the truth, in two easy steps.


Step 1: The developers, when asked about gender lock, weren't very specific, but said we would like the idea. Ok.

Step 2: In the creation screen you can see a lot of archetypes, especilly the knight. Who by chance has a shield, that's just like the crest of Hero.


What if we are going to choose a crest/God first and based on the choice we get a variety of archetypes. I'm not saying that there is an archetype selection for every crest, but that each God has unique race/gender/class mix - archetypes.

So in one 'relegion' the elk is a magic type, whereas in the other it is a fearsome warrior.


Here's an illustration:


EDIT: the gender changes, too

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10/10 for the illustrations.


I hadn't thought about it like that, but it makes a lot of sense actually, they do seem very deliberately slap that crest all over the character's amour.


Perhaps some combinations of factions/archetypes won't be available too. Like a Frost Mage from the faction with a Dragon crest etc.

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Nah, it's the Creature your Avatar appears as and the Spell School you are in.


The Spell schools are Tree, Sun , Moon and Roots.


If you pick Yaga and your avatar will be a windblown tree that casts Moonspells!  The spell will appear on cards that you can put in a deck and... and...



... please don't squish me Mr Coleman...



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Graphics 10/10 Much wow. But seriously, the thought isn't bad but I'd like to think they won't lock us down completely. If they do they've probably got a reason for it. But only time will tell. ;P

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