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I am a KickStart Ruby Patron.

Cause of my Package Value I receive the KS Quarter Horse, Warhorse, and Nightmare skins as well as KS small, medium, and large fort and KS small and medium castle skins.


Does having the KS package automatically give me the 2015 and future skins of these?


If not how might I go about acquiring these variant skins?

Might there be a 2015 Skin bundle purchase to add 2015 skins to ones current KS package?



Guild Bundles; Due to my KickStarter Bundle I have already purchased the right to early reserve a guild name and create a unique guild symbol.

But does the KS Ruby bundle give a guild hall building as the Guild Bundles do or would I have to purchase a bundle to get the guild hall bulding?



Is the Guinea Beast pack Animal from KS the same Pack Pig in the store?

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From what I've understood, the KS bundles do not include the 2015 version of the items. I've seen no mention of different Pig Pack versions so this one is probably standard for the KS SG and the store (The title of the KS update was "14,000 Backers! PACK PIG!").


The KS bundles included the KS version of the mount figurines, while the 2015 bundles included the 2015 version of these.


To acquire all the versions of every item, it's possible to trade them in-game to other players (not sure about "exclusive" items), purchase them on the store or purchase 2015 bundles that contain those rewards you're interested of.


The Guild Hall doesn't appear in the Kickstarter rewards list : this one might only be available in the Crowfall store or built in-game with resources.


There is some interesting information in the Mounts FAQ, particularly the questions 9 to 11.

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If you prefer a later generation skin to the KS skin you'll be able to use the credit-back feature to swap 1 for 1. I'm not aware of any comments about offering a comprehensive skin pack.


Guild halls are not included in any pledge package. As a Ruby, You should skip buying a Guild Bundle and either build a guild hall from resources or buy it as a standalone building from the store once that option exists.


Note that the real function of the guild hall is a museum-class building for certain relic types. So don't do either until you have a relic which requires that museum type to display it; what if your first relic is one that doesn't fit in that building?


Yes, it's the same pig.

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