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Kaeari's Betrayel


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*One year after the events of Borimere and his family*


The disappearance of the first Genesis was a demoralizing incident for the people of the Hellspires. Many people left the Hellspires, doubting its security. Many quislings were executed.


No one really knew what happened. Not even the Hellspires royalty. All they knew is that one day she was there, the next, she was gone. Rumours spread throughout the kingdom.





"She was kidnapped! That's what the barkeep at the pub says!" The citizens debated furiously. 


"Nah, she was killed by assassins from Lady Tayeko's rivals." One said to the other, "You're forgetting that she herself is an assassin. A potent one to say the least! She'd stab the crap out of her attackers."


A large gust of wind blew from the west of them. They saw the shadow of a slender Fae dressed in all black with five Kunai knives strapped on the outside of each thigh. As she came closer the peasants saw that her hood was drawn. They ran in fear. This Fae looked deadly.


The Fae proceeded to the Ishari palace. Guards surrounded her. The Kunai rose from their bindings. They began swirling around above the Fae's head. The maelstrom of blades accelerated until one by one, they ejected from the spiral. Each one shooting out at a guard, hitting him right between the eyes. More guards came. she blasted them with telekinetic energy, pulverising them to death.


The Archmage finally came to the gates after waves of guards. "Who dares?" He yelled.


The Fae drew back her hood. Kaeari.


The Archmage bowed to her. "Don't bow..." She said, "I'm going to kill you, there's nothing to honour in that."


Kaeari closed her eyes and within milliseconds she was behind him with a dagger in her hand, her clothes hid more weapons than just the kunai. She stabbed him in the back then slit his throat. She sheathed her dagger, picked up the Archmage's staff and recalled her kunai. She strutted down the hall. 


She walked to the thrown room. Kieran, Coin, and Tayeko were talking. Kaeari said in a low tone, "Hey..."


She began monologuing. "You have no idea how long I've been planning this. My employers came to me with a contract for the queen of the Hellspires. When I found out that we were near equals in power, I knew that I'd either have to either gain your trust or get some training from a master in assassination. I gave up on the first one six months ago. What did you think I was doing while I was gone?" Kaeari concentrated for a moment. Kieran and Coin disappeared. "The training took about a month and a half. The rest of the time I was training with a master of magic. I found out how to teleport! Anyway... I'm here to complete my contract and get paid."


Kaeari channelled her psionic energies into the staff. She waved it thrice letting out three balls of magic. They circled Kae's torso. One went to the staff, transforming it into a thin metal stick with a blade coming out of each end. Another went directly into Kae's body. She levitated. The bottom of her body slowly shattered. ((Think EGO from Defiance)). The last floated to Tayeko, crippling her slightly, she was weakend and Kae was empowered. She teleported in front of Tayeko. "Game on..."


Kaeari slashed the blade at her queen.




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Kaeari, you staying in the guild or not? im confused.




Tayeko teleported out of the way and drew her daggers, she smiled. "You dare draw your blades, in front of me? And you dare to think that you can defeat me? Well now this is a treat. I must admit I wasn't expecting a person I considered a sister to attack me but I shouldn't be surprised, once a Fae always a Fae after all...But I will have fun watching the Ishari rip you limb from limb...Ishari! Your Queen calls!"


7 soldiers came forth, all in black armour, all wielding a large blade. As they looked at Kaeari, they pointed their blades at her and grinned. "You have betrayed the queen, kneel down in submission, or prepare to die."

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Kaeari smirked gleefully... She transmitted her telekinetic energies into her bladed staff. A small nova came from the top blade, knocking the soldiers back. She pointed one end toward a guard, vaporising him. She stabbed another. She beheaded the third and blasted the others with her powers.


"I am more powerful than ever, my queen, anything that you throw at me will be destroyed."


Kaeari summoned a large fire elemental, it lunged at Tayeko while Kaeari transformed the telekinetic energies to pyrokinetics.

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Tayeko grins as she lunges at the Fire Elemental, slicing it in half with the help of her Demonic blood and also of some telekenetic magics that she knew. Tayeko was the Queen of Hellspires, she would not be defeated by anyone, not in her realm, not even if it was someone she considered a sister!


"Think carefully, Kaeari...You are about to go down a path that will lead to your death. But if you wish to cross blades, then you will have that wish...But we do this in Hellspires fashion...This will be an honourable fight. If you wish to fight me, you will agree to an honourable fight. Just between me and you, no one else..." Tayeko grinned, pointing her daggers at Kaeari.


The Duel of the Fates...Had Begun. (( PUN INTENDED! ))

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Kaeari blinded Tayeko with a flash of light. During this fleeting moment that it took for Tayeko to get a hold of herself she put away her staff and reached for her daggers. 


She teleported behind Tayeko. She was about to slit her throat when she heard yelling. Yelling from the hallways. Yelling that could be recognized as Hellspires guards. She turned around to see a team of guards behind her.


"Ugh... I really don't have time for this..."


She blasted them all back threw the door and locked it shut all with her mind. She turned back to Tayeko. Her eyes glowing in the blood red colour they were. 


((Sorry that took a while, been busy))

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((Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal!))


Borimere ran through the halls, armed with sword & shield of platinum grade and armoured in scale armour.  Guards guided servants and non-combatants out of the castle while trying to maintain calm.  It wasn't going well.  The people were panicking and even the guards were shaken.  Not surprising considering who it was that betrayed them...


Borimere was in the barracks, training new recruits including his daughter, when he heard the alarms.  Today,  he had the recruits practising their sword swing, until shouting and screams could be heard from the castle gate.  A poor stable boy, gasping and shaking, informed him of Kaeari's attack on the archmage.  Borimere was shocked and sceptical at first, but when the alarm drums beat, he feared the worst.  


Acting quickly, he issued orders, " Gwen! Have the recruits escort as many non-combatants out of the main castle as you can! Thomas!", He shouted at one of the recruits, "Get me my weapons and armour."


"Right away sir!" Thomas responded with trained pride. 


Gwen pursed her lips, biting back a retort. "Yes, sir. Right away, sir", spoken through clenched teeth.


Thomas returned with Borimere's sword, shield and armour and helped him suit up. "Boy, where's my helmet?! Bah, never mind, no time!". Borimere returned his attention to Gwen, "You are to protect the citizens escaping the castle, you are NOT to enter. Understood?"


Gwen said nothing, she only nodded and gave a sarcastic salute.


Even before he issued those orders, Borimere knew Gwen would disobey.  During their time here, Gwen had looked up to Kaeari, often seeking her advice and opinion on various matters.  Kaeari's betrayal would hurt her hard.


After suiting up, Borimere head towards the castle to deal with the matter, so Gwen wouldn't have to...


Which leads us back to now, running through the throngs of panicked nobles and servants alike. As Borimere climbed higher the crowds thinned out until they were gone entirely. When Borimere reached the throne room he found a platoon of Hellspire guards standing in front of the throne room doors, trying to knock them down, with no success.


Borimere addressed the guards, "Soldeir, report!".  The guards turned and saluted Borimere as he addressed them. He had earned much respect amongst the troops during his time in Hellspires, through his battle prowess and experience.


"Sergeant Major Sir! We are answering the High Queens call for aide, Sir! When we reached the hall we saw our Queen duelling the assailant, who appears to be Kaeari, when the doors suddenly sealed themselves."


"It's as I feared" Borimere said to no one. "Stand back," Borimere Ordered, "I'm knocking." The entire platoon cleared out of the way, giving Borimere and the door a wide berth. He drew his sword and raised his shield, facing the shield at the door.


He spoke, softly yet loudly "Scutum Invadam!". His shield glowed a bright white, releasing a beam of light that blasted the door to bits.  The guards cheered, but were quickly silenced when they saw their queen, Tayeko, in peril.


"Hellspire Soldiers!" Borimere rallied, "Protect your--", he is cut off by a smoke bomb. Several smoke bombs. Borimere begins coughing and gagging, his eyes sting. Whatever the bomb was, it was laced with poisons.  He could hear the other soldiers gagging as well. *My helmet had filters in it, of course I don't have it* Borimere silently cursed.


*I must get clear of the smoke* Borimere thought, desperately seeking clear air.


He heard armoured men fall, metal swords hitting the stone floor, *I need air!*. Borimere fell to his knees, crawling before he escaped the gas. He lay gasping on the  floor outside the Throne room, lying on his back, feeling his conciousness slowly wain.  A figure stands over him, barely make them out, Borimere's vision blurs. The figure crouches over him, looking down at him.  Borimere could make out their face, if they weren't wearing a helmet. His helmet! *Where did they get that?* Borimere wondered.


As he pondered this thought the figure removed said helmet, revealing their face. Borimere's felt a chill.




"I'm sorry father." His daughter replied, "But Kaeari has more to offer me."


Borimere fell into unconsciousness.


Edit: ((If my twist in the story threw a monkey wrench in anyones plan's, I can retcon the ending bit.))

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Tayeko pushed Kaeari back with her hands, her blades in hand she swinged and missed at Kaeari, this lasted several times before she attempted another attack that was a feign attack, the real attack was coming from above, where her second blade was swinging down to Kaeari's right shoulder.


"You dare to think you can make my own people betray their friends? You think that this is acceptable?! Kaeari, what the hell has gotten into you!" A part of Tayeko was scared and ashamed that she hadn't foreseen this but another part was thrilled. Thrilled to see a new challenge, a new fight, a worthy fight!

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Kaeari wasn't fast enough. The blade struck her shoulder. She looked over to the amassing guard squad but Gwen seemed to have taken care of that. She smirked devilishly. 


Kaeari teleported backwards. 


"You should have seen this coming! As the queen, you can invade my privacy, delve into my mind and sense my intentions! Or is my mind to complex for an incompetent fool such as you?" Kae shouted back. Gasping to regain her breath.



((Sorry for the super long wait. I've been super busy over the summer. Hope to get started again though.))

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"You honestly think I haven't been doing this? No, I have been sensing this for a while and do you want to know why I haven't tried to stop you? It is because I enjoy a good fight. Come on Kaeari! As an assassin you and I both enjoy the heat of the battle, it is what keeps us going! But I have an offer to make you...I am allowing you, this once, to join Hellspires again and we can turn on the man that has allowed you to attack me...We can be rid of his weakness, once and for all...Do ye accept?" Tayeko grinned, she raised one blade in front of Kaeari, it wasn't an attack, so much as an offer...Would her sister, a person she has chosen to accept as a dear friend, really betray her so easily?


(Kaeari! Good to see your back!)

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