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First Look: Confessor Powers - Official discussion thread

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This update ended up being more exciting to read than the Knight's Mininum Kit (Not that I am complaining about the Knight).  Now it is time for feedback, my amazing uninformed feedback.


Thematic Tantrum:


This one is a matter of opinion, and I wanted to point it out to the community to see if anyone else coincided.  I understand the Confessors have a religious theme and are self-serving characters.  It is very straightforward to call their accumulative stacks "Sins", since Confessors are specialists in punishing "Sin".  But the "Sin" stack mechanic feels slightly off to me.  Mainly just the fact that the stack is named "Sin".


If I attack a player with my primary fireball attack, a "Sin" stack is applied to them.  To me it sounds like it is thanks to me, the Confessor, that they now have "Sin" since they did not have "Sin" until I attacked them.  This gives a negative connotation to the Confessor, making them look like villains directly through mechanics (A narrative no - no for Crowfall I believe).


Confessors shouldn't be giving "Sin", more specifically, Confessors shouldn't be applying "Sin" stacks.  Confessors remove "Sin" (And kinda detonate and / or burn your face as a side effect), but they don't give "Sin" to later remove it with the objective to hinder somebody.


That is the way I am interpreting the "Sin" stacks.  I have no complaint about the functionality of the mechanic, just the name of the stacks themselves.  My favorite name so far is "Repentance" which gives me personally a more righteous and progressive connotation than "Sin", which sounds more gloomy and self defeating.  The Confessors keep boasting about how they are "helping people", but applying "Sin" sounds more accusative than merciful, even if it is by fire.  As Doc says though, it may just be me.


I'm going to end my post here, as this was my most urgent feedback and it kind took over my post.  Dammit.

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I like fire.




5 second iframes

3 second stuns

15 second snare

aim assists



are you kidding us?



The aim assist is a maybe. And also the numbers ^^ - I think before talking about the specifics of the shown things, we should wait until the play tests.

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,,...You get killed over and over again, that doesn't mean the game is unbalanced - it means that You are a bad player" -JTC

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WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY Would you tell us about the Uncle Bob head and NOT SHOW????
Where is the LOL Video of his head blowing out kittens?

Anyhow.. the confessor is such a cry baby... pooping fire.. tearing out her diary.. farting cyclones.. 




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Yeah Ranged targeting is going to be a big area of concern for lots of players IMO. Can't have it super twitch based, this isn't an FPS and with large scale have to account for latency etc,  but don't want to go too far into the hard lock target side either. A bit of aim assist is fine I think as long as they can keep the feel of action combat intact. ESO did well I think in that regard, you still had to aim at a target to hit it but projectiles followed until they hit (subject to dodging, blocking, resist of course).


also yeah we HAVE to see footage of the Uncle Bob/kittens projectile. Can't mention it and not show us!

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gravity well tornadoes, that sounds cool :)


I accept the challenge to see how difficult it is to hit people with range :)


"Her instant powers use the target under the reticle when activated; if nothing is there, you simply burn mana and waste animation time."


"under the reticle" sounds unusual, I think we can come up with something better for that

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Thanks for the update. I am very, very concerned about this.


1. There's no need for aiming assistance if skills turn out to be hard to land. There are other ways to make them work (assuming that you don't want the combat to be "very hard", but as of now I wouldn't say it's going to be that way).

2. Stuns are too long. The Michael Jordan of Crowfall won't be able to beat 3 noobs if he gets chain stunned, and no stun immunity mechanism will fix that.

3. Iframe istances are WAAAAY too long, 5 seconds? Why is that even needed?

Edited by Fenris DDevil


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5 second iframes

3 second stuns

15 second snare

aim assists



are you kidding us?


I assume that some supports have methods of removing debuffs.  The 3 second stun is at the end of a 10 second debuff.  That's almost too much time for the support. And the snare is if you can stack 5 Sin debuffs on a target; probably not a super simple task.


EDIT: Not to mention that the ensnare is only a 50% slow.  


And lastly, people are getting so worked up on solid number that are "almost guaranteed to change".

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If Michael Jordan is getting chain stunned by 3 noobs he is a bad player, and he needs to get better.

Agree. Seems like it'll encourage more tactical use of stun immunity abilities as well as reliance on teammates. Will obviously need play testing to tweak and see what the ideal times are.

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Looks great guys. Expcept the "fine details", which will obviously need refinement.


@Everyone freaking out about the durations, I'm sure it's a work in progress. But it's good to give feedback, even if it's a bit early.



@Ace - you may wish to be a bit more conservative with your CC durations! 15 Second  (50%!) snares would be the complete suck-balls in an action game. Take a page out of Shadowbane's book and burn it, because that's something that should die with the likes of SB/DAoC (15 second hard stuns, 15s to 30s duration 60% snares, etc).


I would suggest refining that before people get involved with your combat system and being frustrated by being chain stunned or perma snared, etc

Edited by taroskin

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Priorities right now, on a scale of 1 to 10. 


- Working, functional powers : 10 out of 10

- Timing and balance of powers that we will likely change any number of times between now and launch : 0 out of 10


As a reminder, the development process is:


1. concept/design

2. implement

3. test functionality

4. fix bugs and issues

5. iterate (i.e. repeat steps 1 through 4) many, many times

6. functionality is finally where we want it to be!

7. balance


We're on step #2 of our first iteration through the cycle.  I would suggest that we don't get too hung up on step #7 for powers that might look completely different (or might not even exist) a few months from now.




J Todd Coleman

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.

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