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Confessor Initial Design Discussion


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I just wanted to say first off, very nice and I look forward to seeing this in action.  I'm a big fan of Mage archetypes so I'm looking forward to playing the confessor.


I like

  • The hellfire combo looks awesome and flexible based on whats happening.
  • The regular attack chain sounds awesome, maybe a giant fireball that is slow and homes in on the target would be cool.  If your about to be hit by this behemoth its a oh ^&$@ moment.  Feels like a mountain falling on you.
  • The Tornadoes sound ridiculously fun, I can't wait to watch them wreck a choke point the enemy is trying to get through.
  • The art design for the look of the animation frames looks really nice, I like the emphasis on big actions and THROWING powerfull spells instead of some handwaving and poof.

I Don't Like

  • Righteousness.  Depending on how it works its very likely to be either x% more mana (just give us more mana) or unreliable(Small mana pool, a proc means one more spell).  Unreliable mechanics can be OK, but usually are just frustrating.  This should have some choice associated with it, for example( Just an example of how to make it interesting).  You could have a buff, that occurs once in a while as a on hit effect.  When you have it not casting regenerates a lot of mana, but continuing to cast regenerates less mana.  This way how you play has an impact and gives a choice which could impact your success/failure in a battle.


Have you guys though about resistance to fire in some form?  I see confessor holding a choke point with some massive fire spells, one of the counters could be another confessor with fire shield.  She can stand in the inferno and get close enough to zone the enemy confessor.  Not suggesting she is immune to fire spells but resistant to fire.  A meteor obviously has a rocky physical component :).   Not much you can about that with a puny fire shield.  But I assume meteor has some kind of cooldown, so managing that and playing around it could be interesting.

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My immediate reaction  to the kit is how is this class going to be able to do damage from the safety of the back lines.  Are they going to have spells with trajectory arcs to fire over the front, or are they going to have to use firing lanes to do damage?  I think giving the Fireball combo a lob type trajectory would be the way to go, maybe even go as far as let the fireballs bounce/roll around on the ground before exploding. 


To me this class seems like a good zerg buster with spells like Condemnation and the Hellfire 3B .  It will probably be a good CC class with Flames of Truth and the knock up on Hellfire A3.  A 15 second snare from a 5 Sin  stack of Absolution is going to seem an eternity though. Defense looks okay with Zealot Rush, FoT, and Immolation.


I only see that Absolution and Condemnation utilize the Sin mechanic.  I feel that this could be expanded to include more abilities.


I also feel like they could focus on other aspects of Fire for the kit or the eventual sub classes.  How about adding a smoke trail to Zealot Rush to help hide the location of the Confessor, or maybe it leaves a fire trail to discourage chasing?  How about a Smoke/Ash Wall to obscure battlefield visibility?  

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Based on what's been given to us so far, the Fessor seems like more of a midfield/flanker class than a true back-line class. That doesn't mean that they won't have a backfield option as a promotion class, though.

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Yeah, I got a lot of "zerg wrecker"impressions from the current abilities, several AoE things, skills that toss people up and pull them apart, or at least force formation breaking to dodge. I like the SIN mechanic, it is not a vital part of the class frm the description but provides a nice bonus damage and stun possibility if you use absolution.


There is still a lot of customization options for us to see but I think we have a good start for the class skeleton, assuming those abilities deliver what they are intended to. It sucks when an awesome ability is just too easy to dodge, moves to slow, has a tiny area etc. Then in practice it is really useless.

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This is the first fully confirmed archtype with a siege skill.  I'm wondering if promotions will build her into a primarily objective oriented class.  I could definitely see the backfield promotion Jihan was talking about become a sieger.  


I like the idea of playing a mid ranged, fairly mobile, spell caster.  It sounds like she is REALLY squishy though.  I think I would prefer if they beefed her up and lowered the iFrame time.  I also think this style would benefit from more frequent CC rather than the LONG CC on the snare.  For example 3 stacks of Sin puts a 40% snare for 5 seconds or something.  Or even just give Sin a stackable slow; start at 5% and go up by 10% with each successive stack but only lasting a short duration. 


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I like the looks of everything except Immolation. If I understood it correctly, it allows the Confessor to run around while casting and immune to knockback. Not only does that not really seem like it has any connection to fire mage skills whatsoever, it seems like it might remove some weight from combat. I don't think characters should be able to run into a massive ice ball and not be knocked back, regardless of how magical they are (unless maybe it's like a phase ability, or something along those lines). It would definitely be a useful skill and good to have, but I don't know if it's really the best for the game.


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