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Dead Eternity (Shadowbane Guild; Wrath Server)

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Hail Crows,


    My name is Nortemshine, but you may know me as Jessica Pureflame (Cloth Templar) or Robbie (Centaur Spear Warrior) if you know me at all from the SB days on Wrath Server.


    I have already seen at least 5 guilds I recognize from SB and it's made me even that much more excited about playing Crowfall. So much of this game seems to be similar to SB in ways I've sorely missed in the MMO's Dead Eternity has halfheartedly meandered through over the last decade.


    It looks like "Shadowbaners" already have a reputation on these forums for being pompous, elitist, smack-talking jerks... and I find that delicious. I'm so happy to see ppl already crying about us. I don't think a vast majority of the non-SB players have any real idea what they're in for as far as out of the box thinking is concerned when applied to char builds, politics, world-pvp strats, etc. (except for the EVE players, they know exactly what's up)


    I've backed this game at the Sapphire level so that I can stream Alpha1 content. At least one other DE member will also be playing Alpha1 and everyone will be playing before launch at some point. www.twitch.tv/nortemshine


    Calling all members to roger up. And if you lost your way over the years and are just finding this post, that means you too. The vent server hasn't changed.


~Only the dead see the end of war.

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