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Pixels, the Movie

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I was amused to learn that Pixy Sticks and SweeTarts are exactly the same recipe.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

"I think 1/3rd of my postcount is telling people that we aren't turning into a PvE / casual / broad audience game." -


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I can't pass up Peter Dinklage sporting a mullet


Plus, PacMan tries to eat Tōru Iwatani.  



It's totally kid fodder, but I'm game to take a trip down memory lane with my dudelings. Should be visually awesome in 3D!


Click your profile name>Click Manage Ignore Prefs>Find "Add a new user to my list" at the bottom of the page>Type in a username>Check options>Save Changes>Silence is bliss.

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Sometimes when I see an actor from something else that's epic (Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad) get assigned something dumb it makes me a little sad. Especially Peter Dinklage, as his character in GoT goes against stereotypes against dwarves and whatnot, and then he stars in a movie where it looks like he was just cast as "that funny midget guy"

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