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Many people wondered in the beginning how ArtCraft could CREATE a MMO for 6Million$ total.

The calculation for the development money they presented looked convincing - no PVE, small team, core game only, (...) .


But my questions is, when the initial development of this game is over, the game launched and the 6Million$ are gone. How will this game be able to upkeep itself - server and marketing and further development costs (the money won't magically appear).


Granted, there is an Ingame shop, but we already know most of the things that are going to be in there - the game will make the most money from VIP and maybe some skins.

But if you look at the "current population", so to speak the backers, most people here got cash shop items for years

(all amber+ backers got 5years+ VIP, even the "lesser" backers got ridiculous VIP amounts, everyone got the essential items like mounts, caravans, fortifications, tax free parcels, ...) .


So unlike other mmos, where from day 1 the cash shop will generate a huge amount of money (GW2, AA, ...) , Crowfall will probably get less than that during the first time period, because all those backers that will make up a huge percentage of the players, won't buy that much for the first year(s) (no VIP, ...).


How are you guys seeing this, is there the expectation from ACE that during and after launch the population will drastically increase and bring a lot more new players in which will use the Cash Shop in the beginning (but this game is designed for a supposedly small market), or are all the backers going to stock up on even more items?

Or did I maybe overlook a fact, which will generate the needed money?


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I find it hard to believe that the game's population will stay at 20k. I would expect the population to increase, especially if they take the time to get themselves out there, i.e. placing ads on popular websites. I wasn't in the Archeage Alpha/Beta phases, but I heard that there was only one server, but as soon as the game was officially released it exploded. There were so many people that the servers were full and there were huge lines of people waiting on the login screen to play...  and that lasted for roughly a month.


So, I guess this is where the new income might come from for ACE. 

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Don't underestimate the amount of $ the cash-shop will generate from EK-lovers.  It's already started.  They will have plenty of $ and the investors will be smiling.


Star Citizen has made over $80 million from their cash shop and it hasn't released yet.

> Suddenly, a Nyt appears in the discussion...

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Only guessing here but I assume that most of this games population hasn't invested in the game yet. Most people won't until it's released.

If the game is good then more people will come and more people will throw money at vip/keeps/mounts etc.


I personally don't see this being an issue, yes artcraft gave good deals to people who backed early but that was a necessity to get the game funded.


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Is it possible ACE's business model will fail? Sure. But given the business expertise on the team and the level of personal financial commitment by the owners, I don't think it's reasonable to think that that's the most likely outcome.


Before WoW, Blizzard funded battle.net using just box sales from the Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo franchises. They didn't even have a cash shop or a premium subscription option.

Official "Bad Person" of Crowfall

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Like the others said, there is a silent population of this game's community which is just waiting until reviews come out. Right now the game isn't solid and tangible, they can't grasp what they're buying or whether it'll be good, and some people can't just throw money around, like 13-17 year olds who are into gaming but are still on their parent's dime and gamers who don't exactly have the biggest paychecks. Once the game releases or once Crowfall starts generating ads and getting positive reviews from people like IGN and AngryJoe, then this silent community will toss their cash in.


So I wouldn't worry about ACE's business model. They've probably thought it through quite a bit.

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I wouldn't underestimate the power of the cosmetics industry. A huge amount will come from the kingdom caretakers, just as Nyt said, but i am pretty sure that there  also will be some nice and unique armor and weapon and mount skin bundles. At least more unique than the usual stuff you can craft on your own. And what famous warrior will want to look like everybody else? This worked pretty well for many games and becomes more and more popular.

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1) Some people are all about the dress up.  They will relentlessly purchase cosmetic items from a cash shop if they don't have to pay a sub every month.


2) Some of the items the backers will receive (i.e.: mounts) will decay over time or are temporary.  This may change but I believe it was J. Todd that stated this.


3) Saying that because backers have already paid for items so they won't buy much over the first year is faulty logic.  The kickstarter backers have A) either completely paid for their packages or B) Are paying off a package upgrade on layaway and have 17 months to pay it off.  The game isn't slated for release until Winter 2016.  If items they'd like and don't already have show up in the store there won't be any reason they wouldn't purchase them.


Personally, I'd like a few tangible items like shirts and whatnot to display and spread word of mouth advertising.  You don't know what Crowfall is?  Let me bring you into the fold... 

http://www.twitch.tv/Waikikamukau Yes, it's Why-Kick-Uh-Moo-Cow / Twitter: @TheMukau

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Statistically less than 1/10 of the players buy a game before the actual release. We're not even in alpha yet.


Yeah and I'm sure the people who will play this game, don't even know about it yet.


Also as others here have said cosmetic stuff makes money. Look at League of Legends for an example, I'v been playing that about 5 years and I'v probably spent around $500 on skins. I'm not sitting there spamming $$ at the game but I'f I spend $10 on a skin maybe once a month I get something I wan't and It's also funding the game.


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